Thursday, February 17, 2011

Helgesen's Patterns

Orchid & Pansy Pattern




  1. + :
    Great concept, working with a floral theme. This is a nice topic to add to your portfolio and I think each individual flower pattern has it's own personality.
    Use of color change between patterns is great. Good job creating distinctly different shapes.

    The orchid & pansy pattern is my favorite. I think your careful attention to the floral shape and the detailed brushes you've used help make each flower very interesting. The smaller shapes (petals?) are interesting smaller elements as well. I think you could probably use a couple more medium sized pieces to fill some of the large spaces, but for the most part, all three of these look nice as a team.

    - :
    I'm not quite sure which pattern is the main pattern, though I like the group together. Maybe making one of the three more full, or adding more content to one of the patterns would help it to feel like you've got a hierarchy set up.

    You could improve the rose pattern by including a couple more large flowers in the mix. Right now the big white one sticks out a little too much for it to flow well. Including at least one more would help a lot.

    Can you post the 4-up patterns as well so we can see how they repeat? Without this it is hard to tell how it flows.

  2. **The patterns need to be in a tile to show the repeat!**

    I think the color relationship works best in the top two patterns because of the purple. You could easily change the background color on the rose one to a light pink purple. It kind of looks that way already, but maybe make it more purple-y.

    Readability is just fine.

    I think the flow of the toss pattern is good because you've got the nice size variation. One thing I suggest is that it would be neat to see a pattern where you use flowers from all of your patterns (not dividing them up by flower). That way, you would get a really nice mix of colors.

    I'm not really seeing a hierarchy between the patterns-- they're all pretty equal. One thing you could do is make a pattern using one of your smaller icons and arrange them into a polka-dot shape pattern. But I definitely see the theme... flowers are pretty useful for spring and summer.

  3. I really like the colors you used for these, it gives it such a magical feeling of spring! Don't forget to post your patterns in four squares! It would be fun to see.
    As for the items in the pattern the negative space is wonderful but almost too much, maybe add a few more pedals or something? Especially in the Daffodils one it seems like there are only big shapes.
    The violets are my favorite though I love how you did these, it has a photographic look to it without being too much (if that makes any sense)

  4. Pretty. Maybe add a simple pattern within the pattern (like we did with spots), it feels a little spaced out/sparse. The first one with multiple icons works better than the last one, for me. Maybe add an icon to that, for some variation

  5. I like your orchid and pansy pattern a lot. You clearly spent a lot of time on it. I think the color palette is beautiful and it looks like it will repeat well. I like the roses pattern a lot as well, but I'm worried about how it will look in repetition with that one large white rose in the center; I think it might form an implied square of white roses. I'd have at least one other large white rose somewhere int the pattern to offset it. That probable means you'll have to change around some of the other elements you have in that pattern. The daffodils are looking a little too flat to me. A subtle, regular patterning to the lavender background (like polka dots, or something similar) would help a lot. I'd like to see some supporting patterns for these three as well.

  6. these are all nice patterns on there own but don't work super well together as complimentary patterns because the colors is so different. i would try pulling the same colors through all the patterns.