Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Sweaty Mary" by Thyra

Final. I wasn't sure what to do for the background. I got caught up focusing more the details.
I find the the dark shades on her nose not blended enough with skin. I had a difficult time with that because the face and shading were on different layers and the shading was on the gel mode and the face was on normal mode so the color
The actual file was too big to upload to blogger or flickr so this is a screenshot of it. So the coloring may be more dull than the original.
process gif (only works when it is clicked)


  1. I like how all of the focus and attention goes straight to her face. It has a lot of detail and contrast and looks really realistic. I also like the way that you did the eyes to make her look straight at the viewer. One thing that I think could be improved would be to add some more depth to her body and arms. Right now they look a lot flatter than the rest of the image. Overall, though, I really like the image as a whole, especially the sweat details you added on the face.

  2. I think the choices you made with the materials are really good. It looks smooth and shiny - so the "Sweat" theme feels perfect. I'm not as sure what hte other part of the theme was? Earth? Air?
    I think that your choice of color palette could be super helpful in creating a mood that fits with one of the four elements.
    I like where you're going with the rendering of the face 0 I know that you said you were working that area a lot, which I think is going really well! This seems to be a really good program for you! I would take a second and go back into the hair with some small strokes that catch the light - maybe to add some shininess to it - to finish it off and give more specific shape to the hair!

    The more I look at it, the more it might be fire, right? I think it would be good to make the colors brighter and maybe warmer in the background to help get that across, but I like how you are using some hot colors in her clothing as well!

  3. I think you did well with the sweat, even without the actual droplets. The really bright highlights against the pink skin create the effect of a shine. I'm not clear on what your color scheme is though, so maybe you should try to limit you color palette a bit more to make it more obvious.