Friday, January 28, 2011

Anton Pearson / In Class Monster

anton pearson/ in progress / in class monster

This is a screen shot of the in progress monster. The weird hair is textures with opacity mask layers on top of solid colors.

anton pearson / in class monster

Final monster from in class. Added a simple solid color to the background to help the skin tone contrast and stand out.

recreating some arrrrrrt

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzz. bbbbzzzzz.   bzz.
For this I mainly stuck with the pen tool. And the eyedrop tool for color matching. 

Tracy Olson-Assignment 2 (textures)

In Progress. Most of the shapes are set out, and I've added the first layer of texture.
Finished piece. I used multiple textures, shapes, paths, clipping masks, and a gradient.


I made this monster using the pen tool, a paint bucket and a cute little face. I also used the clipping mask.

Monster Textures.

Zach Stoebner

banana vamps!

Mwolfe Monster in-progress

Here is my in-progress version of my monster using textures.


And here is the finished version of my monster.



Monster progress. Line work done with pencil tool
Finished. I had issues figuring out how to close shapes with the pencil tool and what not.

Thyra Monster

I created a monster using scale like textures and crosshatches.

Mallory Heyer - Monsters

In class I created these monsters. I used a colored version of the textures I made to fill the monsters. I liked contrasting the texture with blocks of solid color.

Outside of class I made one more monster. With this one I made the patterns more subtle, it may be difficult to notice on such a small file.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jeffrey Owlman by Mason Sklar

I named my guy Jeffrey Owlman! I did the textures with pen/brush and ink.

Monster Exercise-Linda Tran

Monsters. Made the textures with brush pens/inkpens...derp.

feeeeedd me seymor!!!


Griffin's Speed Paint


College of Visual Arts
Hungry Monster Pet Thing

Katie McMurray

Dani Reese - Speed Paint 3 - Hungry/Pet

Speed Painting3- Hungery/pet A.J. Vossler


1/27/2011Birdseed and Cherries.

Andy Weaver - Speedpainting 3

Speedpaint #3

Jessica Flaherty - Speed Paint: Hungry/Pet


Speed Paint #tres


Stephanie's Speed Paint


College of Visual Arts
Corel Painter

Robert Dickson- Speedpaint 3



Steven Rohricht Speed Paint 1/27/11


Kris Hungry/People

Katie Sellner: Speed Paint "Hungry Pet"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Teagan White - Assignment 2

(progress shot)


Because for every cute Pikachu.. There's an ugly one....

I used a couple different techniques here ..
Clipping masks are used for all the larger shapes.
For the shading, I turned individual brush strokes into objects, and individually scaled, rotated, and positioned them to make them look more natural. I ended with a splatter texture over the whole background.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wet Traffic


i guess this is wet


Speed Painting: Wet Traffic A.J. Vossler

Wet Traffic

Jack Montgomery Speedpaint- Wet/Traffic

Speed Painting

Cars on Rain Clouds

College of Visual Arts
Corel Painter

Speed Painting #2


this one was a whoops.

Stephanie's Speed Paint


College of Visual Arts
Corel Painter

Dani Reese - Speed Painting #2 - Wet/Traffic

30min. Speed Painting
Corel Painter
Artist's Oils, wet brush
Theme: Wet/Traffic

Andy Weaver - Speedpainting 2

Speedpaint #2

Theme: Wet/Traffic

kris wet/traffic