Friday, April 29, 2011

thyra's final - first image

Yeti Final

first background image

First image of yeti on his trek home

A body shot the Yeti on his travels

And after a long journey he is home with his wife!

My very unfinished background plus the layouts of my first and second scenes. From the fairy tale The 12 Dancing Princesses.
In the first scene the princesses are walking through the forest, and one of them is alarmed by a sound she hears.
In the second scene we see the invisiblity-cloaked man who is following them break off a twig.


For my final I wanted to work with the Surma and Mursi tribes of Ethiopia. Check them out here!! They decorate themselves with foliage....and I hate painting foliage so I don't know what I was thinking getting into this.

And fin!

Emiller Jack the Ripper rippin up hoes

So for my scene I did Jack the Ripper. Sadly halfway through i realized my door was out of proportion so this is midget/giant world!

1. Jack creepin on a whore with is.... scoopy thingy that once was a knife but I went with it... so it's a hook now?
2. A very dead lady
3. Cops investigating the scene.

When making the second one i was all "yeah cool! drawin blood and dead things!" but by the third one I started feeling really really bad.I felt like a murderer. Maybe cause it was early in the morning but hey...

background with characters

FINAL! totally unfrigginfinished.

This is where I'm at so needs the rest of the figures colored. But once that happens, I feel like it will be cool.


All ninjas throw up the horns when they ride dragons

mallory- little red riding hood




I'm really really happy with the background, but for some reason I just couldn't get into drawing the cowboys which is SUPER weird for me. But overall I like it.

Rapunzel- Linda

Blank BG.

Parts 1, 2 and 3.

 Ginger prince being a creepy creeper.

Climbing hurrs.


Mwolfe Painter Scene

The first in the series for my painter scene. A piece of meat falls out of a man's bag as he walks away.

Mwolfe Painter Scene 1

Now a dog has gotten hold of the meat and a boy is telling him to put it down.

Mwolfe Painter Scene 2

Some beggars have now spotted the meat and are going after it.

Mwolfe Painter Scene 3

Megan Leitschuh- Final project

^ Blank forest background
^ The wolf is hanging out among the trees and notices Little Red approaching.
^ Little Red is passing through the forest and has a feeling that something is watching her.
^ The wolf finally approaches Little Red and wonders why she is wandering in the forest alone. YAY BIG FLUFFY WOLF :)
^ Close-up from second scene
^ Close-up from third scene
^ Close-up from third scene