Thursday, April 28, 2011

Teagan White - Final Project

Photoshop sketch

Starting the sky in Painter

Editing the color in Photoshop, then bringing it back into Painter to start building out the details


almost done..

now to add characters!
since my landscape was a sunset scene, i was faced with the challenge of dealing with the lighting in respect to the chronology of the characters... so the color changes between the three narratives, as dusk turns to night.
in this one, the mice people are hangin out, and the cat lurks in the brush...

then he comes out! but everyone is gone...

but then they realize he does not want to eat them and they're all friends :]



  1. Omygoodness Teagan this is puuuuurty. And yay! Catmousefriends.

    I am amazed by the lighting you pulled off, and that sky!

    You fiend. Get out of this class. >:T

  2. I really like the color palette that you used. It gives a great mood to the piece and is helped even more by the giant cat that you put in it. I think that it is a really fun image that conveys a story very well. The only thing I think you could improve on would be to just add more images to add to the story. Besides that, though, this is a really great piece that was done very well. I can really see the painterly style that you used and it works really well.

  3. I LOVE this! But I'll be more specific now. I loved that you changed the background a little bit each time. The colors in the sky are so pretty and you did a great job at creating the atmosphere. I was going to say to maybe add some mice in the second scene, but you did! They're all in the shadows. It was a good idea posting the close-up because I love the subtle chalk/pastel parts. :)

  4. This....Is....adorable!
    I love how you had time passing in the background especially where the kitty is sitting with his mousy buddies around the fire. Plus the story of this is super clear. Yet the mice were a little hard to find right off the bat in the first one. They blend into the background a little too much, but if you bring them out a tiny bit this will be a rock your socks off awesome piece!

  5. I love your concept for the background! I thikn you've done a great job using a limited color palette for everything! I think that your choice of using a palette that reflects a dusky feeling was really good and well executed! The warm yellows in the background are really magical and I think they add a lot to the palette of the piece - as well as the mood I think you were going for!

    For your story telling, I think that it's really easy to read the story - and that you've chosen great spots for us to follow the cat through his mini search for friendship! (I like the twist at the end;) ) I also think that your use of the medium is nice -especially that you used dusty texture, which I think warms everything and makes it seems a little nostalgic and friendly. (is that pastel?)

    The things I think you could add would be some warm yellow lighting on the cats face in the second frame - maybe to show more of the setting sun, and maybe to differentiate his tone from the rest of the ground a little more? I think you might be able to do the same thing with the very first cat - maybe darkening him so that he stands out as a silhouette a little more. I love the darkness of the plants behind him and it would be great to see him just a little more! I love your inspiration for these pieces and I'm happy you were inspired by Redwall!! Best books ever!

    I just wanted to say that It's been awesome having you in class and I've really enjoyed all of your enthusiasm for tackling all of the programs we've used with your own twist. It's been inspiring to watch your process and I am super happy to have met you! I hope you enjoyed everything and I'll really miss having class with you!!

  6. This is awesome.
    I really like your characters, the cat is really really great, he has an awesome feeling of calmness to him, or her, I don't discriminate. And your background is amazing. I am really jealous of the light that you were able to capture, it looks really really fantastic. It is really nice to see that the cat made some friends, and they are mice none the less. You did a super job and I wouldn't really change much of anything

  7. This is sickly adorable. You got some amazing colors and atmosphere, good call taking it into photoshop, I debated doing some of that as well.
    You have a great grasp on color relation and got things to pop really well. In the foreground of the last panel there is a nice royal blue behind the grass in the front and it just POPS. super awesome!

  8. I am really enjoying the color of the sky against the ground. Great job!

  9. I'm not really sure what to say about this, It's just friggin' great. Your palette is amazing, you use of cools and warms together is really well done. Over all this is super cute and super well designed. A+ from this guy

  10. Another great piece!

    What can I say? Your aesthetic is superb and the background, story and characters are all great!

  11. This is great. I love this! It's so cute! The color palette you chose and blending of the background is beautiful. I love the orange reflecting upon all the animals' faces.