Friday, April 15, 2011


Sooo I chose to draw my boyfriend Greg and to shoot for "dry" so i used the chalky tools. My color pallet was earth....but it came out kind of airy, whateva!

I had some wonky issues at first so this is when i finally got it not so crazy

Outside of class I used the Cintiq to finish and hooly crap, I need one. So much fun!

Final! Could use some more value but it's definitely the best time I have had painting on a computer.

Detail shot 

 Greg in motion! Click to see Animate!!



    I got air from it immediately. I'm not sure what the other thing was. I'm gonna guess dry. He looks pretty dry. He is neither sweaty/wet or fat...

    I'd say emphasize the dryness, I guess? Maybe make his lips super chapped or...

    I don't know...dry stuff.

    But that aside, it's really pretty. <:

  2. I really like how refined his hair got throughout your process. And that detail shot. amazing detail. That mouth seems so perfect, nice work not choosing just a bright white for the teeth but a variety of tones. My one suggestion would be to continue his body off, it seems to cut off way too narrow where on the left it's the same color as the background.
    nice work!

  3. This is awesome!

    Painter works really well for you fsho. His chin and mouth seem a tiiiiny bit skewed but it could just be me. Maybe try flipping it horizontally to check for that. The animation is really cool too.

  4. This is just super nice. I didn't get the element right away, but dry came off well because of your color palette. Super nice rendering and it's really great to see the gif because the drawing seams to take shape. It was smart to go back in and tighten up the line work, it reads as photographic. Great use of texture too.

  5. it's really beautiful. i love the variety of color and tonal shifts in his face, and how the texture comes through.
    and actually i think i like your process shots as much as the final -- it's nice to see the really rendered areas, but i like the looseness that it has in places as well, and i think you could keep some of that gesture in the final and it would still look finished :]

  6. I really like how realistic his head looks while still having a sense of style in the piece. It works really well to attract attention to his face. I also like how everything else is less detailed, which makes the face pop out even more. One thing that I think could be improved on would be to add a little more detail to the top of his hair. Right now it looks a little flatter than the rest of his hair. Still, though, this is a very nice piece that has a lot of attention and care put into it. Good job.

  7. Hm, I see earth in this simply because of the colors and material you used. Brown and green is definitely (for me anyways) an instant indicator of earth and stuff. The use of chalky materials was a good call for the dry part of it. Maybe if the bg was a bit more 'chunky' or even cracked to add to the dry factor. Otherwise, I think you did a really goof job painting this-- I will have to try the Cintiq sometime!

  8. Hahahaha! This does look like Greg! The detail shot of this looks amazing! It's almost looks like the real photograph. I remember you saying you were taking the colors form the original photo and I can see that really well, it does have the feel or Ireland.
    I got the element of earth pretty well, but the dry i didn't get as much. Maybe play with the chalkyness a little bit more?

  9. Really well done. :) It does have an airy/dry feel and could fit in either category.

  10. You done did good. The shine on the lip is freaking awesome, as is the stubly shadow. I like everything about this and I am jealous of your skills in painter.

  11. this is just really great. I'm guessing dry and earth. I think you could have pulled those idea's more into your painting but other than that this is a super hot painting.

  12. I am so excited for you! This looks fantastic! i love the way that you're rendering all of your colors - the way you're using the cool blue on his face is great!! It really looks like you took time to think about how to make this whole piece glow!! I love seeing the process and the colors that you put down in the beginning and how broad and painterly you started - it is a fantastic way to work and it really turned out super well! I really hope you continue to keep working with painter! It looks like the time that you've spent totally paid off! It looks really natural! if you add anything - maybe consider throwing a couple more subtle colors into the background and I think you could maybe throw a tiny bit of green around in the background! I love this!!