Friday, April 15, 2011

Corel Painter 001-DRY, FIRE, KOBBY

Picture 5


  1. I really love the style you used in this one! the color choices are wonderful too. I like how you used a lot of white. I assume your color choice was fire? It plays really well in your pallet, the point comes across wonderfully. I do wonder what theme you did though (the fat sweaty or dry) I'm assuming dry? maybe play with textures to add more dryness to it not just rely on the paintbrushes alone. Maybe play with paintbrushes with the different papers you can use in the program? That sometimes gives cool textured effects.

  2. You're piece certainly does convey fire and glistening sweaty skin. I think you built the red, orange and yellow colors up in a smart way on top of the original brown base of the skin tone, though I do think some of the yellow strokes are a little extreme, he looks a bit like he's got neon paint on his skin. However, maybe that's the look you were trying to achieve in order to fit the exaggerated facial features

  3. Scaaaaary.

    The lighting is great though. Good call with the purple and yellow. The body look like it could be tightened up a tiiiiiiiny bit, along with the hair. Good work

  4. the detail on this is super cool. I really like how you're using super hot lighting on his face to capture how the light from the fire would bounce on his curves! I think that he looks more sweaty than dry though - maybe because he is so shiny! I also like how you're pulling the color throughout the piece! I would love to see you bring the outer edges of the painting up to a similar level of work-i-ness as the face, I could see you really pushing the lighting and flames around his chest and beside his head even further so it doesn't have such a contrast!

  5. damn this is scary! haha but i love it! the face to me looks like it was almost airbrushed. I especially enjoy the exaggerated facial features!! really sweet!! Good highlights, good character of kobby, and good color pallet for fire! awesome!!

  6. These colors are fantastic! I'm getting fire, and sweat. I really like the brushes you used. It's very dimensional.
    I didn't envision this at all when you showed us the sketch.
    But it's super nice.