Friday, April 29, 2011

Mwolfe Painter Scene

The first in the series for my painter scene. A piece of meat falls out of a man's bag as he walks away.

Mwolfe Painter Scene 1

Now a dog has gotten hold of the meat and a boy is telling him to put it down.

Mwolfe Painter Scene 2

Some beggars have now spotted the meat and are going after it.

Mwolfe Painter Scene 3


  1. I like the colors you are using, it feels super old and creepy. There is a good sense of depth, but it gets a little lost for me with the intense white sky/background. Maybe have it fade back a bit more so it is subtle and gives more atmosphere. You may want to size up the character that is pointing at the dog, he is more in the foreground than the dog, yet he is smaller in scale. Try amping him up in size or scaling the dog down to further push the depth.

    You've got a great start, and the lighting in the 3rd scene on the character in the very front is awesome, totally pops!

  2. I love the town square scene you've created! It looks like a village out of the olden days or in the middle ages or something! Seeing the cloaked figure makes me think of some of the games I used to play in high school (good ones!) ;)

    I think your use of value is really nice in this piece, (you're always so good at that!) and that you've done a great job creating space with the figures as well. Its a little hard to tell what the story is, but I think that I get the gist of what is going on - but it would be cool to know who the robed guy is and if he is seeking that meat? Or if he is just a passer by?

    I think you could also try adding some color into your work as well! Mabye it could have a little bit of sepia tone? Or maybe just a little hint of life in the bodies and animals? That could be a fun thing to try!

    Michael, It has been great having you in class this semester! I loved seeing what you created the whole way thought -and you've been so considerate with our cake-days and helping out! You're super considerate and it's been amazing having you in class again! I hope you have the best summer and please keep in touch!

  3. The colors make it look like an old historical illustration. I'd think about finding a place for an accent color. There's a lot of really interesting texture. Behind the well looks a bit blank, if you just make the white parts around it a bit darker it might help. It looks like you didn't do your characters on a different layer because you can still kinda see their outlines. I like the narrative.

  4. I like the mood of the scene, and that you chose to do a city/town scene which I think is harder than nature. What doesn't quite work for me is the third one -- I don't know what that large shape (figure?) in the foreground is supposed to be.. Maybe give it a separation from the background by blurring the edges, and make sure that as a silhouette it's really clear what it is

  5. You do have a really great mood going for this scene, it feel dark and drab, and those beggars really want that meat. I like what you have going on so far, but would like to see some color. I am huge fan of not using any but it would be nice to see you explore color just a little bit, not just having grey tones (which I really do prefer most of the time)

  6. This is an interest choice as an illustration. I like the fact that you choose the colors to create the historic event and environment.
    The colors you used to create the house and ground create a nice wooden texture.

    These seem slightly confusing.

    Do both the dog and man pointing just magically appear and the man who dropped the meat magically disappear?