Friday, April 29, 2011

Rapunzel- Linda

Blank BG.

Parts 1, 2 and 3.

 Ginger prince being a creepy creeper.

Climbing hurrs.



  1. so beautiful! I love the way her hair is like a majestic river. All of the texture is really nice, I like the close up of him climbing the hair. Your depth is really nice. One suggestion for moving along the narration is maybe having some more variety with the owl. NICE work!

  2. this is super sweet! You got a ton of depth with the color choices, i can just reach right into the background. I think the very foreground might benefit from a few wisps of darker green at the bottom of the image. The materials you used on the hair and the castle and nice and descriptive of their materials. Maybe play with adding a few subtle details like that in the ground/tree trunks/ characters' bodies just to make it a bit more cohesive and extra awesome.
    Love her hair, it helps the image and the story a ton. I like the owl, maybe add a few more small animals/birds around and have them move a bit in each scene? Just some ideas!

  3. Great background atmosphere! I also agree with Mallory-- maybe the prince would have some critter friends? The sense of space is really great with the hills and then her hair flowing over them. With the hair I think it would be nice to have just a few highlights in the second scene, but at least the hair is consistent in the second and third scene.

  4. I like the simple style that you used for this piece a lot. It has a lot of depth and makes the story very clear to understand. I also think your choice of color palette was very well done. It puts the emphasis in the right places at the right times. One thing I think you could do to improve on this piece would be to add a little blur to the far background to give a further sense of depth. Besides that, though, this is a really great piece.

  5. I really like your characters, the hair detail is really really awesome. I like everything that you have going on, you have a super basic use of depth that is really really effective. It is simple and really fits the over all feel of the story that you are telling. It would have been nice to see a little bit more texture throughout the piece however, I don't want a just a little bit to help the eye kind of jump around a little bit more.

  6. Niceeee.

    It looks like you had lots of fun with the hair. The colors and simplenessness look great for a kids book. I like the tower texture, I feel like some other textures in a few other places might be nice. Also nice atmospheric perspective.

  7. her... Hairshake brought all the princes to the yard?
    Okay seriously I love this but yet Ive always loved your style of how you draw figures. I love how the cute lil owl in the tree blinks in the slideshow it looked like he was animated. Also your textures are really awesome too. They make me think of Brittany Lee's cut paper stuff.
    I feel like the center of the composition wasn't used to it's full potential though. Yet I have no idea what you could put in it. Maybe one of the prince's horses? Some gifts for the maiden that they wanted to give her? *shrug*

  8. I just really dig your overall aesthetic. It seems to me that no matter what computer program we're using, you're really able to still keep your work Linda-ie. And that's great! This is adorable. And ginger princes usually are creepers. Do you ever work in cut paper, because I feel like that would be a really successful medium for you. I keep going back to britney lee's sketch blog that Lindsey showed us. I see similar themes between your work and hers.
    Very Nice!


    The geometrical and textural way you dealt with everything reminds me of gouache or something cooler than gouache and I really like it.
    I like your owlguy, and the hair sloping over the hills, and the fact that you made it look like it's sloping over the hills when they are flat shapes, and how her hair apparently extends infinitely because we never see the end of it, and yeah. Everything.
    My only critique is that the very frontmost green hill shape is a little blank and flat compared to everything else, maybe add texture or some sticks or a squirrel?

  10. Linda! These textures are awesome! They remind me so much of traditional media! I love the solid shapes with a bit of roughening! It adds a TON to the pieces and makes it really exciting to look at! I think your background is nicely done! The atmosphere in the background is great and I love that it's a wide- free space that we can watch your characters walk through!

    I think the pieces you've chosen to show for your story are well done! I can definitely see the way that the story unfolds and I think it's really cool to see how her hair folds in with he landscape! It would be great to see her hair follow the same path as it did on the second panel ( small, but for consistencies sake!) and I LOVE what you did with the owl!!! seeing this move when we did slideshows was super magical!

    I also wanted to say that I am really happy to have met you! You've got a great sense of humor and you're always so fun in class!! Its been cool getting to know your work and I love the way you add a touch of whimsy to everything you do! I love the characters you make and I hope you continue using digital stuff- you're really good at it!!! Thanks for being awesome and please keep in touch!

  11. I could maybe go for a little more detail in the mid-ground people in the first scene, but I get that you're going pretty minimal here. I'm a little confused as to how Rapunzel's hair gets strewn all over the ground in the second scene, but overall I think what's happening is pretty clear. I really like your color palette and the way you've shaded the tower.

  12. These sequence of images look great. The geometric shape of rapunzel's head along with the smoothness and line work in her hair in the second and third is nice. In the last image her hair seems to be more geometric, rougher, and a lighter color than her hair in the first two. To make them all appear as a sequence I would smooth out her hair.