Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sad Soggy Mallory - Linda Tran

I went with water + sweaty (or, just...wet).


This is scary...

The high-res one is on Flickr...


OH detail-




  1. I really like this illustration. The color palette, blending looks great. The water drops are fantastic.

  2. I really love seeing the process of your colors being applied - I like the addition of some of the really cool colors (greens and blues inside her face). I think that you've done a really good job making sure that the whole piece seems to be brought up to the same level with color. The one thing that I could see you adding is a little more reflection of her white skin in thewater? Maybe a tiny bit more around her face on the bottom? I oculd also see you adding a couple more light highlights in the areas where her hair and the water meet - just like a ridge of light.

    overall i think you did a really good job with the element topic of the assignment. - to be literal I know that water was a key piece of it, but I am also wondering if "Sweat" was the other one? I think it would be cool to integrate that part a little bit, too!
    Good choice of medium with making her seem really slippery!

  3. The color choices for this are super awesome! I definitely get water and wet right away. I love the drops of water on her face-- especially on her nose and lip! I think the water could use a few more highlights and maybe use some darker colors to add depth to make the hair look wetter. I also love the bits of hair floating in and out of the water.

  4. I like the overall composition of this piece a lot with how close up you went on the head and how it works with the water in the piece. I also like how well the head is drawn. The perspective on it looks very good makes everything more believable. One thing that I think could be improved on would be to do something more with the sweat aspect of the piece. Right now the sweat beads just look like water on her face. Though the sense of fear in her face is still there and is very clear.

  5. whoaaaa! I want to paint those colors onto my face. beautiful work. your process is very cool to watch.


  6. she's droooowwwwwning! D:>
    I love how you did this! Super duper job! The colors and the melty texture i just magical.

    But yet i always think your art is super so pppppsh. >_>