Friday, February 25, 2011


I went in with the brush and detailed a few things, could still use like and hour of detailing.
Also used levels, patch tool to even out background texture from crappy scan job, and the color balance tool!

Watercolor and gouache 

I used levels, color balance, and hue/saturation to get better colors

Originally an 18"x18" oil painting. I think that the "after" looks a lot more like the actual painting, just did some crappy documentation!

Megan Leitschuh- retouched art

^This was a self-portrait (pastels) I did this past summer that was inspired by my neighbor's koi fish pond.
^All I did was use the 'auto' function in the curves adjustment and now it looks the way it does in real life. I (very subtly) fixed the shadows on the face that got washed out. Other than that, it was an easy fix!
This is my pride and joy. It's two feet tall and hanging up in my room. It was my final project for concepts & metaphors. My idea was to show Kat von D as the 'Patron Saint of Tattoos'. :)
From the critique on this illustration, I remember people saying that the outfit blended too much with the paper color. And I could see that even back then, but I had worked on it for 15 hours straight and by that point I was like YEAH, WHATEVER. haha So I made the red a lot deeper and made the lips match too. Someone also suggested that she should have a halo since I was trying to emulate images of the Virgin Mary, so I kind of added one with the brush tool. I'm still not sold on it, but it would look better if I actually did it in pastel.

Thyra's 10th grade turtle drawing



Mwolfe Before/After in Photoshop

Doryphoros drawing before

Mwolfe-doryphoros before

Doryphoros drawing after. Cropped, adjusted curves, used healing brush.

Mwolfe-doryphoros after

Stage drawing before

Mwolfe-stage drawing before

Stage drawing after. Cropped, adjusted curves, hue, saturation, used healing brush.

Mwolfe-stage drawing after

Photoshop edit Mason Sklar

I just used curves and got real specific and messed with the colors. The top one is more close to the original colors. The bottom one is a lot more vibrant than the original piece but I like it better that way.

after: hue/saturation, levels, curves, lasso tool and cloning stamp

Teagan White - Photoshopped Work


this is (a cropped version of) a digital illustration for a children's book i've been working on for some months. i'm not totally satisfied with the colors, so i tried editing it (below)


i think this looks way fresher and nicer. i'll have to go back and edit the other pages too.
mainly i adjusted it with levels, edited the hue, copied the layer, blurred it and set it to soft light, and put a flat layer of blue-ish over the whole thing, set to lighten.



for some reason i felt like bitmapping it to make it look screenprinty.. so i created CMYK separations, bitmapped them, and overlayed them again (slightly offset). kind of interesting maybe. might need to be lightened/brightened though.


just for lolz, i lassoed wilbur's nose and duplicated it for a while. i am so sleepy.


can you spot the change??



next i took this gouache piece.. i'm already happy with the colors as they are, but i wanted to see how difficult or easy it would be to change the colors (for if, say, i did a gouache piece for a client and they wanted a color changed)


here's the outcome. not bad. all the changes were made working back and forth between the "levels" and "selective color" tools.

Mallory Heyer- New old artwork!

I had done a really awful scan of my original artwork, so this looks much better with my new edits.
I used levels and curves on it overall, and then a bit of hue/saturation to bring out the key more.

This is a very old piece of mine. I edited by using curves, levels, and the clone brush. I also darkened the edges by using an opaque brush.

color and some gradients
beginning glow effects
Fianl (with glow, drop shadow, gradients, transparency, etc.)

Jason Belden - The Three Witches

here's a few screenshots!

Old art-->Photoshopped



Emiller Magic Assignment Final

Oh silly Unicorn... What are you doing in space?
So I know this isn't the idea I had when talking to my group but I just kept having a ton of problems in it. And who doesn't love unicorns?
Tools: Pen tool, Textures, Outer Glow, Opacity, bubble brush thing, ect.

Emiller Magic assignment Process

Applying background. For some strange reason I couldn't get Outer glow to work on the stars. It was acting strange.

Workin on the shadows


thelgesen - Assignment #5

I used inner and outer glow effects, gradients, multiply, etc.