Friday, February 25, 2011

Aaron Schulte-Glowing Goblin

started by drawing the outline with the blob brush..
Then filled it in with color using the same tool..
Then added shadow and glow reflection on goblin..
Then I drew the glowing flames and added a background. Want to work more with how the glow works and what the glow would be reflecting off of. Not sure if the glow around his fist is exactly how I imagined it. I want to go back in a re-work on it a bit. Any ideas/comments would help.


  1. This is pretty solid, the glow effect that you have is working pretty well. For the most part the lighting is pretty effective in adding to the glow that you have right now, but you should drop it on the top of his back, it just doesn't look right to me.

  2. I really liked how you tied the highlights on the body and the outer glow work super well together. I imagine this guy in a cave, so maybe if you had some stalactites (can't remember if those are the ones on the ceiling or floor...), you could reflect light off of those. One additional thing for the highlights would be to add one more brighter color to give it some more depth.

  3. Nice illustration. I think your process images are great; they show how you created your layers and what effects you used.

  4. This turned out really awesome, seeing your sketch to the final product you really pulled it off well. The lightning/lighting effects used really help make the whole piece that much better, I really like your figure used, as well as all the complementary glow lighting you did from the back to the toes all really help convey a sense of light being emitted. THUMBS UP

  5. Nice work here. I really like your characters, they have a really nice three dimensional feel. I think one thing that could really help you here is to think about where your light source is coming from. Right now you have it coming from multiple places that don't really make a lot of sense. It may be interesting to use the electric power thing as the light source. Also the anatomy is a little funny here. I think I understand what you are going for a very stylized goblin guy, but the pectoral muscles and the abs don't really make sense when compared to the rest of the body. Just some thoughts.
    I do really enjoy his grimacing demeanor.

  6. First of all i'm impressed that you used the blob brush to sketch your character digitally, i've always had to start with a scan...

    I think it's a really clean design! You managed to keep in simple, but still interesting.
    I can see what you're saying with the issue with the glows...maybe try another color? orange glows instead of green might work well with his skin tone.

  7. The volume from the highlights is really nice. If you worked on it a bit more i'd maybe make it look more like a cave or something but I think the actual goblin is really good.

  8. I would not fuck with that goblin. haha Looks great! Solid character and coloring. Good use of effects. Maybe play with some textures in his skin to make him more goblin-y?

  9. I really like the lighting effects you put on the arms and lower half of the figure. The design of the character is also very nice and easy to read. I also like the coloring of blues and yellows for the composition. The only thing I can think of to improve the piece would be to maybe crop the top a little, since there is a lot of empty space there. Though, overall, you did a very good job on the piece.

  10. +: Fantastic characterization. I think that the glow effects that you're using are really appropriate with the subject matter that you've chosen! I love how you're using the glow effects to light up his arms as well.
    I think the green reflective lighting that you're using is also helping a lot to add volume and interest to your piece! Definitely keep it up!

    -: The green linework that you're using for the magical part is a great idea- maybe you could enhance it by thickening up the lines? I think you could potentially make some really broad, deliberate, crazy thick magical lines as well - since he seems so thick compared to the tiny lines?
    You could also play with opacity of these to make them seem a little more glowy if you'd like!

    It would be awesome to see a background, or a little bit of an atmosphere- like the green light reflecting off of something back there? Or just a hint of a place?