Friday, February 18, 2011

Mallory Heyer's Easter pattern.

For some reason on here the colors became much more brown, especially the background color. Therefore, I am uploading a version with the white background because it looks better on here.

 even this gets kinda grey though.

ta da!


  1. This is super cute! I really like your supporting pattern, it's so simple but it really holds it together. I like all the patterning in the eggs and the faces of your characters. Also I like how all the icons are shifted and rotated.
    I might try making a few larger or just giving more space to help it breath a little.

  2. You did a real good job hiding the tiling. The color scheme is really consistent too. Your secondary one is really simple but I definitely get easter/spring from it. Maybe the icons could be a bit more contrasted to the background.

  3. those little animals jumping rope are just too cute! as are your patterns.

    obviously easter is all about those pastel colors, which you have going on...but what about a pale blue or green? easter always makes me think of that little plastic grass stuff in the baskets, maybe you could have incorporated that somehow!

  4. This is awesome! lol I like the color relationship in both patterns and your objects are super fun and I really like how you have them rotating throughout. I would like to see maybe more difference in sizing and spacing between the patterns they both are similar in terms of both all the objects are close together and relatively the same size but these are definitely super awesome easter patterns!!!

  5. I love the little chicks-- adorable.

    Color relationship is nice and obvious and so is the theme. I would totally buy wrapping paper with this pattern.

    The toss is really nice because you've rotated some icons. Rotating and scaling things was something I found to be really helpful in my patterns as well.

    I love the coordinating pattern too because it's nice and simple. I can totally see this as tissue paper to go along with your 'wrapping paper' main pattern.

  6. +:
    These are adorable!
    I think you've done a great job creating some fun, whimsical patterns in within a seasonal theme! These are really cute and I love the stylization of the characters and the eggs. You have a really fun organic line and drawing quality in these that makes them really appropriate to kids dinnerware, party supplies, etc.

    I especially love the attention to detail that you put into the eggs in the main pattern (white bkgrd). I think that since your characters are larger and less intricate, you create a really nice balance within your pattern, spacially, color-wise, and also interest-wise!!

    I do think that you could definitely change up the bkgrd color in one of these (cream?) so that each pattern seems to take on a dominant color a little bit more clearly. I know you might have to add another color to your palette, but maybe you could pick something bright and springy! If these were used together for partyware, you would definitely want a contrasting color on one of the two so that it didn't seem to match too much, but still hung together as a group!

    For the jelly bean/ egg pattern - I love the concept and the colors, I think you could probably shrink the pink egg a little, too so that you could maintain a really nice even field of texture throughout the whole thing!
    Nice job!

  7. These are nicely themed and from what Lindsay says, that would make them much more marketable. Their really "cute" and you stuck with pastel tones which is in line with easter.... so nice job