Friday, February 18, 2011

Facial Hair Patterns



    This is also awkward because you are sitting right next to me.

    Do you have a repeat of the blue one? I would like to see that one, since there is more variation in colour (the blue + orange +yellow+black etc.)

    I think the little heads repeat well, but the big head lines up...

    I don't think that would be the case in the blue one. PUT THE BLUE ONE UP >:C

  2. Those are some hairy faces. Nice concept. Made me chuckle. I'd love to see some really impressive beards though. Really a fan of braided beards....just my taste, though

  3. One thing I really like about these is how they don't really look like they were created digitally.. When I first glanced at them it looked like crayon, which is cool :]

    I agree with linda that when the yellow pattern is tiled the big brown heads don't work very well because they seem to form a grid, so maybe that's something you could still play with

  4. Hilarious theme, but what about some smaller icons to switch it up a little? clippers, razor, shaving cream canister to be used as accents?

    it seems like there are some gaps to be filled.

  5. Ahhh! I'm so happy someone did a facial hair theme. I almost did but kittens distracted me haha.
    Is the blue square the second pattern? Maybe if so I would add a few more things in it to make it slightly different. In the yellow one I would maybe shrink the brown furry guy (who is so epic by the way) he does take the attention from his fellow stache/bearded friends.

  6. Super rad idea. I love the textures and line work.

    I would look at how you setup your base pattern block to really make this work, I know were gone last week so maybe ask someone to show you the styles we went over. These could be great if you just reworked the arrangement.

  7. I dig this. I like that you used lines instead of shapes. It feels very loose and sketchy which I like coming out of illustrator. Big brown head is a little too much for me. Isn't there a family in central america who are convered in hair ALL over? did this magical family inspire you?

  8. +:
    These are hilarious. I think you have an amazing topic and a great sense of humor! I like how youre using the line quality in these to determine shape as well.

    I feel like I recognize half of the people in there - and it would be even more amazing if you made it super apparent who everyone is (maybe I am just not in the know!)

    -: I think you could play with your color a little. the hairy face wolf man guy is the only brown one, and although it's cool to have him stick out, I wish you had more brown somewhere else in there.

    I also think that you color choices could be more exploratory - think crazy. Since it is a fun theme, you should see if you can create a harmonious palette that fits together. Maybe getting rid of black and replacing it with something else would be good.

  9. these are sweet. Color and designs are awesome