Friday, February 18, 2011

Anto Pearson Pattern Assignment

Anton Pearson Pattern Base

Base for the pattern I created which has an Esoteric/Murder/Valentine type theme.

Anton Pearson Repeating Pattern

Pattern with 4 spreads.

**** Updated with another pattern after critique *****

Anton Pearson Pattern 2 Base

Base pattern block

Anton Pearson Pattern 2 - 4 UP

Pattern with 4 spreads


  1. I really like all of the individual elements in this, and the amount of negative space it has. My favorite part is probably the use of the colored linework in the bird crest.

    I think there could be a bit more experimentation in terms of positioning the elements in relation to one another. The blood spot, for example, is a little whimpy compared to everything else -- what if it became a more important element and flowed through the pattern more, to direct the eye around so the whole thing was less static? Just an idea..

  2. There are a nice variety in imagery, as well as the pattern not having any readability issues. I really like the icons themselves I feel like they turned out well the birds accented coloring is very nice, as well as the two tones used with the cloud and the heart icons. I think this is a very cool design, my only critique it the background color, the grey does seem to work but I feel like you could play around to find a better color to support the theme.

  3. I really like the gradients and textures you used in this, especially the heart that is my favorite. Even though the heart is a bright red it does not steal the eye away from the rest of the images in the pattern.
    As for placement I would maybe mix it up a tiny bit more. I can see how you put the gryphon bird guy in a square for the repeat thus it makes them go in diagonal lines.
    The negative space is good but maybe adding a texture to the background to keep it from being static?

  4. TIGHT. Looks good all around.

  5. Hey Anton! I really like these. I think the colours you picked work super well together, and the icon arrangement is pretty sweet. I think the dark icon + the white cloudy one makes it look like a checkerboard, which is pretty fun.

    The icons are all around the same size, though, so maybe resizing one or two would give it more variation.

    Cool. :D

  6. sweet pattern with lots of texture in the objects and good use of spacing too. I would like to see maybe more variety of sizing the objects. Also I get a little confused on how the cloud object reads. Overall its pretty sick

  7. I think it was really smart to use varying shades of the same color; it helps keep the pattern cohesive even though you have very bold high contrast colors. There is a slight grid-like regularity to the layout of the eagles and hearts (i think it's because they're almost at right angles), but it doesn't really bother or distract me that much. I'd like to see what you would do for a coordinating pattern.

  8. +: Nice, clean pattern! I like how youre working with the limited color palette and the simplified, graphic icons. I think your pattern has a lot of almost "story-telling" type elements in it. Maybe a little suspense!

    You've also done a great job tossing it in a really nice, even way. Your color relationships are great -

    the only thing I see is the two red items (heart and blood) are kind of close together, which makes me look at it a little more than normal, and it sort of makes a diagonal red stripe??

    Also, do you have another pattern to go with this?
    It would be great to see!

    Maybe you could also consider stylizing the heart a bit more to fit in with the other solid-ish shapes? It seems like the only semi-realistic piece! Remove a bit of detail and I think it meshes perfectly!

  9. whoa! i love the cloud pattern you added!