Friday, February 18, 2011

Evelyn's Pattern squares

Simple pattern

Valentine Kitty Pattern!

The four square one is in the post above! I was silly and posted two separate ones. Sorry for the confusion!


  1. I'm not sure if these are the swatches or the 4-up repeats...they're cute though! I actually prefer the simplicity of the first one, I think the second one feels a tiiiny bit cluttered.

  2. I am also confused like Linda as too whether or not these are base blocks for the pattern. I think the icons are nice and fit the theme - I know all cat lovers would want the second one on a mug or wrapping paper. If you made the background color darker, these could really stand out.

  3. Your theme is much more apparent in the top pattern-- I like the details in the heart.

    The color relationship is not super strong, but I can see that you have a relationship. The light pink on the top pattern gets really lost in the beige background, though. Then the beige gets lost in the main pattern in the cat wings. I think the best thing would be to make that light pink darker so it will show up on the beige background and the beige will show up on the pink background.

    You need to post the repeat of the patterns, though. The secondary pattern looks like it would repeat nicely, but I think the main pattern would get icon-heavy in some spots.

    I looove the kitties.