Friday, February 18, 2011

Patterns! Mason Sklar

First one! I made a damask referencing paisley and bandanas. Also ponchos, kinda.

For my second one I wanted to make something a little more loose and a bit more ponchoish. Like this. I think I should probably put a tiny bit of linen texture on them.


  1. I really enjoy your first pattern. The blue really makes it look like a bandanna! It is very readable and the color is perfect for it. I would think though that you could add a little more design between the larger ones. But yet I'm 50/50 on that cause then it might look to busy.. hmm
    On the toss pattern I would mix up the horses a tiny bit. It seems like they are making one line across the pattern.

  2. I really like the way you combined your icons for the damask. You clearly thought about the overall shape they were creating, which I think plays well into the traditional form. Your icons are very clearly related to each other both stylistically and in terms of content. I like your second pattern and I think it works well on it's own, but it's probably a little too much for a supporting pattern. There's so much value contrast I think it competes with your first pattern. If you changed all the icons in this pattern to outlines (like the boots) I think it would work fine.

  3. I love your twist on a damask pattern, really awesome. There are a few empty places that could maybe be filled in with more designs to make it even more awesome.

    I like the second one a lot too (though I agree with TJ that it seems kind of separate and not like a supporting pattern -- maybe make the icons smaller and spaced further apart?), the contrast between the boots being rendered in lines and the horses as silhouettes is cool. I'd also suggest to try rotating things some more because everything kind of works at 90degree and 45degree angles right now

  4. Bad ass I like the use of two toned patterns it lends itself to the western theme very nicely. Not much to critique the patterns turned out very well as well as the pacing.

  5. I really like how you used just TWO colors so effectively! What you made with so little is really amazing. Your icons are definitely what make it. You don't really need more color because your icons stand so well on their own....Good job!

  6. Your damask pattern is pretty awesome, I really like the use of the bandanna pattern in it. I like the second one too, but I wanted to see some more color in it, I like the solid white along with the bandanna pattern, but when it is just like that in the second one it almost seems lacking.

  7. I'm really impressed that you pulled off that damask pattern! it even looks pretty seamless to me.

    Also, it was super smart to take your relatively simple icons and make them white just to switch it up a little.

    your green pattern reminds me very much of the shoebox paper for a kid's shoe brand!

  8. +: Great job with the damask!!! This looks great! I love the idea and the execution of this one. I like the twist! I think your use of color in the damask is great- it seems nice and minimal like a bandana (purposeful) and works well!
    Additionally, I think you did a good job with the icons in your theme. Each one seems well put together and the dedication in keeping them all interesting and at the same drawing level is great.
    THe stylization of these is also really exciting -as they're simplified forms, yet maintain a lot of action!

    the only thing I think you could do to improve the pair is maybe change scale on one of them and then switch the bkgrd color? It seems that maybe you could do a positive/negative thing, where you have dark icons on a light space for the secondary pattern to make sure it seems different and more subtle? That way it would really feel like a main pattern and a coordinate.
    (Other than that part of the objectives, each pattern totally holds it's own in terms of interest, aesthetics, and theme!!! Great!)

  9. nice work man these are great. I would say the top one is stronger. reminds me of bandana paisley.