Friday, February 18, 2011

Ev's Pattern in the element.


Valentine kittens


  1. I like both of these patterns. The pattern on top I feel like that some of the icons could be flipped or rearranged to show a little more variation.

  2. Your cat illustrations are so adorable!! I like the individual personalities of each..
    I think it was a good idea to stick to the color palette you used; everything is close enough in color that it doesn't stand out or become distracting.

    The only thing that gets a little lost is the yarn balls, because their shape is similar to the roses. Maybe try letting the yarn trail behind it more? Or even use individual strands of yarn elsewhere in the patterns..

  3. I love cats. You are a goddess for creating this. I would totally wrap my stuff in it!

  4. I like these both, but I was just confused as to what the white things are in the top pattern, I think that they are wings but just wanted to make sure. Also the Yarn Balls do get lost, I didn't even notice them till I read the above comment. I really like the roses.

  5. I really like how subdued your color tone is with both the patterns, you picked very solid colors for the backgrounds to go with your icons. The cat pattern is very strong its not very obvious as to how its gridded, and the pattern itself seems very fun. I could very easily see something like this in a practical design. I also like the almost cut paper aesthetic that your icons have specifically the heart, you have a lot of really good use of illustrator techniques, to the point where it doesn't look super digital. THUMBSUP!

  6. Your first one is really simple. I think if you offset the hearts a little more it would be a tiny bit more homogenous. I like the colors because it's very Valentinesy but not super pink.

    Your cats are pretty awesome. Maybe if you filled in some of the negative space with tiny things it would help it a bit. I can tell you had fun drawing the cats. :P

  7. Smart move going with a neutral color for that background on the first pattern, it really helps those reds stand out!

    The cats are fun, of course, but my only issue is that the wings aren't popping out as much as I'd like them to. maybe if you rendered them a bit with the color of the cat's fur?

  8. +:
    These are both totally cute! I love cats!
    I think the elements that you're using are great. you've done a great job trying to use a few different small elements to put between the large cats! I think the theme is super clear and is a really fun take on valentines! (love!)

    I also like how you're spacing your icons in the triangle fashion. I think it's working really well! Keep doing this!

    I think you might be able to deepen the cream color in the first one a little so that the white bits stand out a little more, maybe try a crazy differnet color as well? ANother red???
    The only other thing about the top one is the there is a row of red hearts that I keep seeing, maybe you could move one of them over to offset them a little so they're sprinkled throughout a little more.

    Great job!