Friday, February 25, 2011

Magic Effects in Desert-WIPS

Effects: Outer Glow (sun), Grain Texture
Plan to use envelope warp on mountains for heat wave effect.


  1. I love all the colors you used in the rocks? Why didn't you keep them in the top image? :( The perspective of this is really cool and the sky totally works with it because of their swirly motion. The grain texture works perfectly with this also. The outer glow on the sun definitely gives it that blazing, bright look. But I'm wondering about the bright area at the bottom... it would make more sense to be below the sun because the light is coming from it.

  2. I really like the big, empty composition with clouds and mountains along the edge rounding. It really draws you into the piece. I also like the amount of subtle detail on the clouds and the contrasting detail on the rocks. One thing that I think could be improved would be to change the rays coming down from the sun. I think they are a good idea to have, but right now it's very hard to notice them unless you're really looking at it closely. Overall, though, it's a very nice piece. I can tell there was a lot of care put into the details.

  3. I really like that you decided to go for a landscape as opposed to a a fantastical creature. The landscape turned out really well from the airy clouds to the intense sun you pulled the composition off flawlessly. The sand effect also looks great especially with a desert motif although playing around with clip masked textures could probably yield a cool effect as well, that would really be my only critique aside from that I think you accomplished the assignment wonderfully however!

  4. This is really cool, the textures are very convincing and the glows fit right in.
    Actually the piece barely looks like it was done in Illustrator -- I think mainly due to the clouds. How did you create those? Just lots of paths on top of one another?

  5. +: I love the glow effect of the hot sun. I think that your use of this is great. I seems natural with the rest of the ways that you've created your space.
    I also think your warping of space is really fun. It seems sort of fish-eye lense-y. Which adds to the disorientation I'm feeling!

    It definitely places the viewer in " I have a long way to go" mode.

    I also think your texture could potentially be applied to the rocks in some places (the way you did the sky is great, maybe you could add it here?)

    I'm not sure where the magic part is, but I can see how you use the glows well!
    I think that your rocks could have a hot edge to them, since you have a crazy hot sun, it would be cool for you to add a little orange or a bright spark of something along some of th pointy edges?
    That way you could brighten it up a little and bring in an additional color.

  6. I definitely feel like this is a magical desert. The perspective of the clouds and path you laid out your illustration sucks you into it. The only thing I feel that maybe you could add more dimension or texture to the rocks.

  7. Nice!

    I love the grain texture you used. The rock coloring in the second to last piece (in the process shots) is super rich and you may even want to use it in your final piece. I also think you could add little things to the path to push it further if you want.

  8. You show such great care with the textures in the sky and sand that the rocks feel a bit lacking. If you're worried that the more colorful version of the rocks that you had before was too busy, you could try layering it over the top of what you have now, but with reduced opacity and/or multiply. I think even a subtle suggestion of more texture in the rocks would really add to the piece.