Friday, February 25, 2011

in process

So my piece is not quite finished yet. I was having issues with my color pallet and getting a good harmony going. I plan on adding more to the trees, the ground and sky to give it some depth. The figure just has some quick "blog painting" on the face to get a feel for color.
For my "magic" im going to make the jars glow. I want to focus mostly on lighting the girl


  1. I feel that this is a really nice start, I really like the look of wonderment on the girl's face, and those firefly jars are so nice! I feel that where you could go with the color pallet is darkening it down. Since we're dealing with firefly's and lighting, I'd love to see the sky as maybe a dark purple, or maybe a similar blue as the water. I would also darken the ground a lot. I really like the idea of having the girl light up from the firefly's. This is a nice start, I can't wait to see where you go with it from here.

  2. This looks good so far. A few ideas for you to consider in the final piece:

    Contrast of colors - giving the background or whole top of the piece a darker color or maybe gradient would really push the glowing light from the latterns.

    Textures - adding a little texture to the trees or ground could help make some of the shapes more interesting or make them richer

  3. I agree this is a great start I would just tone all the colors down to night time. Maybe you could just overlay a screen and use opacity just to see what colors would work with other colors or to get an idea of maybe what you want your final piece to look like. Once you have the background colors you want you shouldn't have any troubles making those jars glow.

  4. It'll be nice when it's finished! drawing in some highlights on her face will work great. It's a solid drawing so far.

  5. Nice! I like the concept and the colors you're using. I'm inclined to agree with the other posters that having a darker background would make the glowing stand out.. But I also know your work and your style and I know that you usually work with very pastel colors, and I'm not sure how well your style would work with something dark. Maybe there's another solution to simulate the glow? Really don't know what, though

  6. I also agree with Mallory about the color of the sky. A darker color would go well (and make sense) with being able to see the fireflies. The setting is also really interesting with the shapes created on the trees. The color palette is really nice with the subtle purple and green and then the yellow pops out. Adding a subtle drop shadow under her arm would help define her more because you have a good start with the shadow under her. I do like the green and the sand (?) color, but her left sleeve and arm almost disappears. Even if you add some shadows to that arm, I think it would help.

  7. I like the somewhat subdued color palette that takes up most of the piece that contrasts well with the black and yellow at the bottom. It really draws your attention to the bottom and lets you know what is the focus of the piece. I also like the character design and the way it gets a lot more detailed as you get towards the face. One thing that could be improved would be to have a little more to the background so that it doesn't seem quite as empty up there. Some other things I liked a lot, though, is the details in the hair and the fireflies. I can tell you put a lot of time into this piece.

  8. +: I think the idea is really strong and once you add some more interest to the forest behind her, it could feel really intimate and quiet.
    I like the idea that you might go dark with this so the glow really shows up and that she feels lit from the front

    you could play with the shapes of the trees in the first to make them seem more magical or integrated. it would be neat to see the branches kind of cradle her, or maybe fish-eye across the top so it brings your eye back down to her.

    -: maybe consider cropping it a little? It seems like she is a great source of interest, as are the fireflies? Maybe you could bring her up and add more space to the river so that you can play with reflections?
    I like how you're using the blob brush, too- and maybe once you get into the piece further, you can use it to create some really organic textures for bark, water, etc.