Friday, February 25, 2011


I first made this piece, that had a focus on the line work, but I didn't feel that it worked well with the techniques we needed to learn, so I started over and made this:

This is my final! I Found it fun going in to do the cut paper look by doing drop shadows and adding in textures. Click for detail.
I wanted to go back in to do some more work, but when i undid my clipping mask, this happened:

If anyone knows how to make it so it doesn't undo every clipping mask when i just mean to do one, that'd be very helpful.

I used drop shadow, outer-glow, opacity, clipping mask, multiply, and outside textures.


  1. I like the cut paper effect you were going for, I think it worked well for you. The green glows make the shapes looks radioactive or something, it's very creepy.I'm not sure if he is coming out of the gutter or hiding in someones bedroom (the window makes me wonder)
    Your colors also work well together! yaay

  2. I think your use of paper textures works really well with the cut paper look. I like the colors too for some reason because they're this weird version of pink and green. Because of the glowing slime, it makes me think this is a sewer, but then there's a window in the top left corner? The drop shadows you used to make the cut paper look are really nice because they are nice and subtle.

  3. So many textures! It works really well though. I didn't really get that those were clothes under the rat. Maybe the chemicals could be a bit more saturated and you could have the rat glow a bit.

  4. I like your illustration. I feel like your last process image is your final illustration. It has more of a magical effect by looking at the glow effects you used. The illustration you choice for your final I think is too dark and loses the glow effects and overall image. Maybe you could lighten the opacity and drop shadow of the images you used for clipping masks.

  5. Nice piece. The cut paper comes across nicely. I like the glow effects, it kinda of reminds me of ninja turtle ooze (maybe that's the young splinter...)

    My only criticism would be to maybe change how solid the background back is and have it change up some to give more depth. You could use a range of dark paper shades or maybe experiment with some lighter elements.

  6. This reminds me sooo much of a Goosebumps book.. I think it was about a hamster or Gerbil or something, though.

    I agree with Mason that the greens being more saturated would be nice. Also my favorite of these is the second from the top, before you added the effects -- But it's not because of the effects, it's just that it looks very fresh and the value relationships work best in that one and in the others things get kind of muddied and hard to read. I'd love to see you go back into that second one, keeping the same colors, and add back in the paper textures and effects. Anyway, I love these, cool stuff :]

  7. I agree with Teerah, in that I like this illustration better in the stage just before your final. Although I think the burnt paper texture can be really cool, I feel like it's overly applied here and we loose all the amazing work you did on this image. I feel like I want to peel away those layers. I also think that there are better ways to achieve the rustic look you may have been going for. A little texture goes a long way. The final got too distracting for me.
    However, I do really like your stile, and it reminds me of cut paper, which I LOVE.
    Great Illustration! Just be careful to not take something too far.

  8. I really love the glow effect here; it makes the piece look very eerie.I think you mouse is a really great detailed character, and the textures really add to the piece. There's a nice tension between the cut-paper feel of many of the shapes and the more 3-D elements (such as the glow and some of the more detailed shading).

  9. +: your color palette is working really well for you here as well as your use of the cut paper effects! I love the textures that you're combining with the vector art and think that this is a great way to go! The glow effects are nice in a minimal way, but I think you could also eliminate the green glow and rely on the cut-paper drop shadow effects as well to complete this piece!

    It's a little hard for me to see the coat? (I think it's a coat?) on the bottom that he's sitting in? I think once you added the colors that it kind of disappeared. maybe there is something you could do with eh shapes to show texture of fabric more? or maybe there is another added texture that might simulate a weave or something?
    Finally, i think that you could play with the room space a little more as well. I like the idea that it's there, but maybe a couple more space-specific piecs would be added to make it seem more like a lab, or something!

  10. the burnt paper is a nice touch. But I'm not sure which is the final piece.

  11. like Anton said it reminds me of the pre-Master Splinter coming in contact with the TGRI ooze!! :P lol i really like this image. You pull off the cut paper look as well as having a fun image. This is just me but it might be cool to see a little glow from the window behind him in the background. But not if it interferes with the ooze glow. I also kinda wish the glow above the rat was reflecting on his back maybe a little, but that's just me. Super fun!!