Friday, February 18, 2011

Aaron Schulte-Pattern


  1. These are really cute and I like the way you did the roses. Obviously I can see the relationship between the two patterns since they both follow the same theme. The second one is a bit too lined up though like if I were you I would mix up the Love's so they don't all go one way. Like in the first one you did that pretty well. It's hard to tell where the pattern repeats.

  2. I still think you should try shrinking your things and cramming them into a bigger square, it would help the continuity, also if you used the same thing more than once it would look like less of a grid. Your icons are awesome and pretty much perfect for your theme.

  3. Your icons work great for your theme but you may want to look at placement. When we did the demos in class Lindsey mentioned forming triangles with in your base pattern block so your eye is thrown off by the pattern and doesn't just move in a straight line. If you were to revisit this idea I believe the patterns would really take off.

  4. Your patterns relate to each other well in terms of style, color, and theme. However, I am very drawn to the obvious repetition in your larger pattern blocks. I think the problem may just be a matter of too few icons in your basic pattern. You wouldn't have to create new icons; I think if you just repeated some of them more inside your pattern square (for example, the rose, wings, or the word love) it would probably take care of it.

  5. your second pattern works a bit better for me, I'm diggin the color scheme and for some reason i'm not really bothered by the grid-like nature.

    the rose in your first pattern really stands out, maybe if you included another stand out color, it wouldn't pull the eye too much.

    I will say that your icons look great and i can tell you just have a warm valentines heart inside you! lol

  6. +:
    Your yellow pattern is definitely working as the strongest of the two patterns because of a couple things. You've been able to include lots of nice icons to help move your eye around and it looks like you've played with space really well in this one. Although I can still see the repeat of this one (it would help to include a couple duplicates of the icons in other places) it is working well
    Maybe trying alternate bkgrd colors for that one could help the little hershey kiss papers stand out more?
    Great relationship btwn patterns, too - I love the theme and think this is a really good one to have as part of your portfolio. Maybe making a tiny stripe to add to these could give another facet to your collection = something that is subdued and more simplified?
    the hard thing about the pink one is that you have such large icons that stand out. I think if you were to include them in other places around the pattern, you could also hide the repeat better there as well. Possibly expanding your working space for that one would work, too.
    I think that the color relationship in the pink one might need a little work as well, since we're looking at the huge pink rose first, and it's hard to stop looking at it since it's big and bold.
    Maybe shake it up with other smaller pink things so that it distracts from the large rose! Or shrink the rose!

  7. I hate the winky face in the second pattern, seriously dude drop it. It seems super out of place. They both work well otherwise as patterns, but it is hard to tell which one of your patterns is the secondary. I think you could easily add a little bit more to the top one (no winky faces) and it could work as your main pattern.