Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day pattern

UGH. Pattern not lined up correctly. The spinning wheel of death kept popping up so this is just a screen shot. REDOING THIS!!! DX


  1. This is hilarious, I like it. Colors all seem to work nice. Also a good flow but I think maybe a few icons could have more or less emphasis. They all appear to be about the same size.

  2. I love this. Colors are great and so are the icons. My only criticism would be the text seems to repeat and stand out, maybe you can make it smaller or tone down the bright border of the letters.

  3. I agree with Alyssa that there could be more size variation between different objects.
    I'm also having trouble telling what that red textury thing is -- roses? fabric? a heart? No clue. Other than that everything is really readable though.

    I love your concept, and the line "You'll Do" is super funny, it makes this for me.

  4. +: Great concept! I love the humor!!!
    I think you've done a great job creating each of the elements and making them all seem to fit in the same world! I think that each of them looks like they were rendered to the same intensity!
    I think that you're really getting the look you were going for with the classic valentines font, too! It looks like the writing on heart shaped candy.

    it would be great to see this at a large scale, I know you put a lot of time into it, so maybe come back and post the single repeat so we can see it, too!

    i also think you could play with trying to scale down the you'll do, and maybe add another one in there somewhere to off-set it! that's the only thing that is making the repeat show, everything else is looking really nice.

    Try one more color option for the bkgrd. I could see you going more burgundy, maybe?

  5. Maybe scale everything down so you can repeat the text to avoid a grid-like arrangement, otherwise I think the pattern works quite well.

  6. All the designed pieces here look really great, It's too bad it didn't duplicate well.