Friday, February 18, 2011

Megan Leitschuh- Spring patterns

CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE AND THEN CLICK IT AGAIN (on the new page) TO MAKE IT FULL SIZE^The above pattern gave me the most trouble because the snail and blue tulip icons were longer than the other (more rounded) ones. So it was a bit tricky to arrange them, but I finally got it worked out. Not sure if blue tulips actually exist, but they were initially pink and there became too much pink with the bird in there as well. My stripes pattern was created for this design, but it can go with the pattern below because of the light purple, blue and yellow is the same (maybe a little lighter).

^This pattern is my favorite because of the whales. :) (I named this pattern "It's Raining Whales!") Compared to the pattern above, I threw this one together in about 15 minutes because all the icons had a similar elongated shape. The complementary polka dot pattern can work with this design as well as the one above because of the shared colors.

For both of the images, the single main pattern is on top, the complementary pattern is in the middle, and on the bottom is the main pattern repeated in a square.


  1. +:
    Great main vs coordinate patterns. These are awesome examples of using a more subdued pattern with similar colors - as a way to pop out some of the details in the larger, more involved patterns. You've done a great job taking care to render each of your icons up to the same level of detail, and you've also done a really nice job of spacing the pieces within the work.

    I also think you have a really nice strong theme to your pieces. I know we talked about you including something themed for your portfolio and I think what you have come up with looks really nice and professional.

    One thought (not really a negative, but still a suggestion) would be to try some bkgrds that are a little lighter. When you think of spring you want to think of light, airy-ness. maybe try alternate color options that could open this up and make it brigher.

    Another suggestion for future patterns and portfolio would be for you to create a third pattern in each of the series that hung somewhere in the medium level of detial. I could see you making an endcap of product out of these for spring!

    Finally, I also think that you could potentially try working with a non-directional pattern in the future as well. Since you're already doing a good job with space and form, you should consider this to help the potential client save money by being able to use this pattern in many directions. :)
    Great job.

  2. I like both of these. All of your icons have a lot of nice detail and they are pretty darn cute. I think that the second one would benefit from small supporting icons distributed throughout. I think that since they are all approximately the same size, it becomes easy to see a repeat occurring. Playing with scale or rotating icons would help the second one feel less predictable.

  3. These are so cute!! Your rendering of all the icons is excellent, it makes me spend time looking at all the things going on in the patterns.

    I love the color relationships but I agree with Lindsay that a light background color might help.

    One suggestion is to play with the positioning of the raindrops in the bottom image a bit more, so that they're not these individual clusters, and move your eye around the pattern more.

  4. Your icons are beautifully rendered, and I think they relate well to each other. I love the whimsy of the second pattern, though I do wonder if it might look a smidge better if the icons were a little smaller to give the eye negative space to rest on. Your coordinating patterns work well, but I'd love to see you try a coordinating pattern that incorporates some icons too. Maybe you could even put it all in one color, with different value levels, or something like that, if you're afraid that the icons would make it compete with your primary patterns.

  5. These are very sucessful! Your colors are great, for some reason they want me to eat fun easter candy. They both read very well, I can tell that one is spring and the other is a rainy day pattern. The toss works especially well in the top pattern, I feel that in the second one, it feels a bit too vertical, so maybe play with turning some of the objects.

    I feel like the relationships between the main and simplified patterns are a little off. In the springtime pattern it has such a dark purple dominating, and I wish that there was some of that showing up in the stripes.
    In the polka dots going with the wale, I feel like you should include some blues since that is so dominate.

    overall very good job! I absolutely love all the work put into the icons for the springtime pattern, and that whale is really cute. and awesome job nailing out two different series.

  6. Holy crap your blue whale is awesome. I like it quite a bit, and it strangely works really well with the rain topic on the second one which I kind of found suprising. It is pretty great, overall and the secondary pattern of polka dots works pretty well.

  7. well done on these and way to go the extra mile with the second set of patterns. It's nice you chose themes as well.