Friday, February 25, 2011

Megan Leitschuh- Magic

^Linework shown with cmnd Y. I had colored some stuff in already when I remembered to take a linework screen shot. :B

^Adding in colorsssss. The colors in her face look so washed out on the internets. D: I used a texture + clipping mask on the tree.

^Close-up progress shot showing the outer glow effect on the stars, floaty things, and her hand.

^Final image! You can see the drop shadows that I used as well. The hair was created with only one color (I'm pretty sure it was only one) and I just used multiply and screen with different opacities to create different colors.


  1. I think that the color palette you used is very nice and fits with the theme of magic well. I also like the delicacy of the seeds floating in the air and the detailed lighting effects on the character. I can tell that you spent a lot of time on the fine details and it really shows. The only thing I think you could improve is to make the moon a little less detailed. Right now it seems cluttered and it can be hard to tell what it is right away.

  2. This is pretty darn cool. I like the way you applied the glow, I think it's very appropriate. I also like the content because it's something that may not necessarily have been perceived as magical, but because of your color choices and the focus on the hand, we do think of it as mystical subject matter. I like the face, it seems accurate, but I think the anatomy on the hand is still struggling a little bit (the placement of the thumb seams awkward). But overall, I am really enjoying this piece.

  3. +:
    The magical quality definitely comes through with your piece. I think you've done a great job integrating the glow effects without it looking too over-done. I also like the cut paper quality of your work here.

    The textures that you're using are also really interesting and I think you should definitely continue to integrate them into future pieces as well as maybe other sections of your piece of art (hair?)

    This is a really nice serene piece and definitely feels very magical. Nice use of color as well to create mood.
    I also think it's great that you're using the moon's light to help highlight edges on your piece. Maybe you could even use a soft blue to do this in places as well to help get some blue into her skin?

    It would be great to see you try different ways of including the tree brances - it seems the composition could use a little bit of something to offset the "split" feeling that I am seeing down the middle. I don't think it's a huge thing, but I do think that maybe a second tree in the background, or maybe some kind of super foreground element could help this.

    You could also consider playing with the bend of the hand between the thumb and the rest of the hand - it seems a little squished in there? Maybe it's that you could add a shadow that helps follow the planes of how the hand turns, so we can see this more clearly?

  4. It is pretty damn magical, that is for sure. The glow affect you are using is pretty good for the imagery you were going for. She seems like some sort of witch, but a good witch, not a bad one. Mostly because she is playing with dandelions.

  5. Awesome, the tone of this piece is very awesome and gets carried through very well. I think you did a great job of the background playing with the foreground especially with the moon image. The glow effect works wonderfully with the night theme too with the mystical dandelions they almost seem like wisps! Sweet use of the glow effect.

  6. This is really pretty, and your use of glows is very appropriate in it. I like your color palette, too.
    My only suggestion is maybe to revisit the glow on the moon -- the way that the tree branch cuts through it doesn't look natural, there would probably be a glowy part overlapping that branch too (if that makes sense).

  7. You are really portraying that serene/mysterious atmosphere well!
    I like the way the shapes in the hair help to form a gradient, it really doesn't just rely on the light from the glow.

    I think you should try to use more desaturated colors for your shadows, also just make the shadows stronger overall, especially for a scene at night.

    and ps, the moon is working for me! I like it!

  8. I think you're using the glow and drop shadow really effectively in the piece. The drop shadow is subtle and adds depth, and the glow is appropriately drawing the eye to the 'magical' aspects of the piece. I also love the texture on the tree.

  9. Good illustration. The several glow effects you added and color palette makes this illustration very mystical. The colors and objects are balanced out well.