Friday, February 18, 2011

Cats and Crows -Jason Belden

I revised my secondary pattern a bit! I took your advice and I think it works way better!

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  1. The second pattern has a nice flow, the colors work nice, I'd be interested in seeing a less saturated background color just to see how it affects the eye. The first pattern with just the bird is nice, but I feel like there might need to be more space between birds or alternate directs to create more movement. I think just spacing them out more would be nice.

  2. I love these! They look great as a pair because of the colors, and also because there is a difference between them in the scale of the objects in each.

    My only suggestion would be for the yellow one, to mix it up a bit so it doesn't just repeat on the X and Y axis.. Maybe if the movement was more diagonal, or if you made a couple of the birds bigger or smaller, or even flipped some of them horizontally? I sort of like the idea of it being more geometric, but I think it could be pushed further somehow.

    The cat illustrations are really awesome, I like that you included two different poses + the head :]

  3. Great colors on the second one. The blue background works with the small touches of yellow and solid black shapes. The pattern works but you may be able to pusher it even further by scaling back the size on some of the icons. The first pattern can be pusher way more.

  4. Your blue one seems like it's the primary, maybe it is but it just ended up at the bottom. I like how it's halloweeny without going straight for orange and black. I really like the simple color scheme. Maybe if you threw in a bunch of tiny elements the tiling would be hidden a bit better.

    Your yellow one would be awesome if you offset every other row, if that makes sense.

  5. I really like the icons! The paw prints especially create a great flow in the pattern for the eye to follow.

  6. I really like your choice of color, just using the the three gives a really great format. But if you were to add some blue to the secondary pattern I think that would add something to it. It doesn't even need to be that much, blue dots or something small like that would even be fine.

  7. +: Great job on the cat/ blue one. It shows that you took the time to get the spacing right and to include icons that helped with the internal hierarchy in the patterns. I think you've done a great job making this one fit with the theme.
    Maybe consider alternate color options for the back color? It could be really cool making it a little darker and evil-er!!

    The yellow one is a little too gridded. I think you can still do a simple pattern for that one, but maybe you can toss and turn the birds around so they're all facing different ways. Like a crazy cluster of birds. COnsider maybe also changing their colors a little bit, too - that could help them look like different animals.
    I also think that you could flip them forward to bkward so that they also seem like different ones!

  8. Good color relationship with the blue and yellow (they're nice colors even by themselves).

    I can see what is going on in the patterns, but I think it is really icon-heavy in both of them. It might be nice to have more breathing room between them by taking some out.

    The toss is really nice on the blue one because you've got a good stagger going on for all of the icons.

    I really like the relationship you have between the coordinate and main pattern. The crows in the blue pattern relate really well to the yellow pattern because you added yellow to the crow. It's a nice detail.

    Not really sure what the theme is besides cats and crows... I'm with Mason that it looks 'halloweeny' if I took the time to really think about it.

  9. Waaah the second one is so magical! I can't tell where the pattern begins and ends. The color choice in it is really good too the blue background really brings everything out.
    The yellow one, as awesome as the crow is I would think it would be better if there were more elements in it. It has a very grid look to it (if that's what you were going for) Maybe throw in a tiny cat or something to tie the two together?

  10. yeah dude, the second one is awesome. Your sense of design and color really show here.