Friday, February 25, 2011


I started out by scribbling some stuff with the blog brush tool
Then on a new layer I made actual lines.

Then I did a bunch of color stuff! I decided he's a space samurai. I think he could use a big of texture.


  1. The glow on that sword is dope dude. Looks like a more pointy lightsaber. I would say that you could think about the textures on the clothes a little more. The highlights on the jacket could be correct if it was a shiny leather jacket but as it is now it's looks very reflective. ALso the pants look very shiny. know that using white rather than a different color for highlights makes things look wet or shiny.
    other than that duder looks good.

  2. Awesome, the glow effect was used very well in this piece from the light source bouncing on the figure to the actual sword itself it all is very fluid. I like the use of hatched lines to give emphasis on his back shadow it gives it a stronger graphic sense to it. Also your background was handled very well, the use of a cityscape with a night sky works very well as something to ground the figure as well as use that much more of the glow effect

  3. This piece is pretty strong. I do like how the glow is being applied here. I'm wondering about the highlights on the pants. I feel like it's appropriate on the jacket because it could be leather, but is he wearing leather pants as well? I think your character is rendered really well. He looks grounded and has a nice grip on the sword. I'm a little bummed out about the background. I feel like you spend so much time on your main characters that the background tends to be an afterthought. Something that might help this is thinking of the background as an actual character. A background can add mood and narrative to a piece and make an a good illustration even stronger.
    But overall, good use of tools and rendering abilities!

  4. I like the extreme emphasis on the character, with the background going completely to black. The lighting effects coming off of the sword are also very nice and the diagonal composition and the characters' expression give a good sense of action to the piece. One thing that I think could be improved on would be to change the arrangement of the stars a little. They wouldn't have to make a certain shape, but their spacing just seems a little too even right now. One last thing I think you did really well was the perspective on the sword, having it go straight towards the viewer, trying to leave the frame.

  5. I think it needs more glow, not a lot just a little bit more. I think that if you added more it would make the image a bit more dynamic. Other than that it is pretty solid of an image.

  6. Ha i love the idea of making a space samurai! Great job adding that glow technique to the sword to make the whole space feel. I like his strong stance. I really love the gestures that you have in your previous image, I feel that it'd be really great if you could merge those two together because it gives it such nice energy.

    One other idea to bring this piece to life even more is to try throwing in a silhouette of the person he is facing on to help bring the viewer into the piece a bit more.Great work!

  7. Strong piece.

    I enjoy the use of effects and strong line work. You really used the effects to your advantage to draw attention to the character. You may want to try to add some lights to the buildings or maybe even have the lights from the buildings transition into stars in the sky.

  8. +:I love the subtle magic effect on the sword and think that the way you did the reflective lighting on the guy is really sharp. I love how it looks like he's wearing pleather.
    I also think that the way that the shadows start to creep into his clothing is nicely done and I would even push it. Since it's so dark, you may be able to obliterate some of the folds into the background since he's being lit by a really really strong light?

    I think that the way your'e using the blob brush is really fun as well. It seems very painterly in your character. It would be fantastic to see how you could use it in the background as well.

    The background feels a little flat, almost like an afterthought? I think that the idea is there, but maybe you could make it a more specific space? add a street lamp? or maybe some windows?
    It almost feels like an apocalyptic neighborhood with no life?

    I also think you could play with linework colors? maybe making something navy, or trying to reflect some star-light might be cool as well

  9. Ur space samurai is badass and the glow of the sword is very well done. Even thought you did turn me onto the blob brush I might like to see more thin to thick line weight even thought you got the little cross hatches I think I would just add more style to the piece. Overall ur pretty much a master at Ai :D