Friday, February 18, 2011

pirate patterns


  1. Your first one is really simple and I like how it reminds me of an overstuffed chair. The bottom of the ocean texture thing is kinda distracting, if there was some way to break that up a bit maybe that would help. It's a really obvious tile but I don't mind it.

  2. The second one is a lot less obvious. The coins are a good way to lead the eye around, but sometimes it just looks like you made a circle of them around the icons, like the pirate hat. Maybe you could change up the size of the coins and other things a bit.

  3. It's a creative theme, I especially like how the first pattern includes a texture in the background, I would have liked to see something just as subtle done for the background of the second pattern.

  4. I like both of these quite a bit, but the pirate face feels really out of place with the rest of your icons. Everything else is more stylized but, he is super cartoony and doesn't really fit the mold.

  5. This is a fun pattern I enjoy all the little textured detail on the objects. I do like the bottom pattern better just b/c there is more going on and I would have to agree w/ Mason on changing up the coin sizes to help the pattern flow a little more and I do like the top pattern and how you added the texture to the background allow I feel you could play w/ color relationship a little more with this one. But overall very fun patterns!!

  6. I think the second one works really well, but it's easier to see where the repeat is in the first one. The problem might be the brown bit under the anchor, the way it cuts off defines the sqare...

  7. Beautiful icons they have a very classic cartoon look to them I really like how they turned out. The first one is really basic but with the background texture I feel like it still comes across very strong. Your second pattern is really a great use of your icons the pacing of the gold coins is a little funky but it lends itself to a not so predictable pace. Overall though your icons are very strong and I like the stark contrast in your two patterns

  8. I looooove these. Pirates rock.
    Are these the four squares? If so bravo I had to keep looking a zillion times cause i thought it was all one square. The top wood pattern I would love to have on tights or something, the simplicity of it is quite magical. The more i look at the second pattern I agree with a few of the comments the face does seem a little more stylized than the other icons. He does give away the repeat a little bit. (that silly pirate)
    Well done though!

  9. Both patterns work really well with their colors and I definitely see a main and secondary pattern.

    The treasure chest pattern would be perfect as wrapping paper for gifts!

    With the main pattern, the keyholes are a little awkward because when viewed small, it looks like they have a bold outline and the other icons don't, which makes the keyholes and other icons clash. I think it would be better if you had fewer keyhole icons and made them a bit smaller. That way, you still have that pop of yellow.

    The toss is nice in both of them-- especially in the main pattern.

    Great job with these!! You have a really strong sense of hierarchy, color usage, and tossing the pattern in space! I think both patterns are also awesomely complementary (i especially love the stripey wood-bkgrd one in the top pattern as an added bonus)
    I can see these as kids pjs, bedding and raincoats and things like that! Make more!!

    The only thing I'd say is that you could flip one of the guys faces to toss it even further! That way reflecting it would hide the repeat even further.

    Do me a favor and repeat these for us so we can see if they work and you'll be good!

    I'm super happy with these! Great job!!!