Friday, April 15, 2011

chubby cheeks


my friends face being squeezed


  1. The white and yellow highlights you use do well at projecting a sweaty feeling-that high gloss glisten of moisture. It looks like you're going with a fire color palette for the faces, but there's so much blue around them I almost would have guessed air, so maybe tone down the cooler colors a little.

  2. This is hilarious.

    You should put some lines on the cake so it fits in more. The skin is really well done. The lines are a nice touch too. Maybe put more darks in the colors.

  3. hahaha that cake is a funny element you added! I think this is a good depiction of your sort of style and the subject matter is funny although i would agree with TJ on thinking air as the pallet just b/c i see all the light blue and the cloud around them and the faces are firey colors. I'm not sure what word you were using but I would think of that more next time! but overall FUN pic!!

  4. I am totally into the way you handled your colors
    !! the cheeks are just awesome, they look like they were really painted with oils on a nice canvas, or was watercolors, super cool!
    I'm getting an airy feel from your color pallet, could also be the sky making me think that. Fat for sure though, no one can deny that squishy face its cake. I like how you drew the clouds, it works well with the characters and I want to see the sun and the cake handled either in outline like the clouds, or a little more painterly like the characters. Just to tie it all together.

  5. i'm glad you chose to include both characters/people, it makes it way more interesting. i like your colors a lot and the weird random cake. it would be interesting to try and integrate the painting and the background elements in a way, right now they feel separate from each other, and i think there is a lot of potential there in merging the painterly half with the more graphic half

  6. I love the fat face that this kid has. This is freaking hilarious, cake kisses. And all he really wants is that cake, but no, he gets face molested by his friend. This is awesome.

  7. The colors are really.... fruity, haha. I'm not sure what element this is, though. The fat element is pretty obvious and funny, so good job. :) And kudos for drawing two people. The way that you painted this is good too since he kind of looks sweaty. Not sure if the bg really fits, and I agree that adding some more sketchy line work would help.

  8. This piece is very touching. So much love in one place! Also a slice of cake! Who can beat that? I mean, really.

    I love how you're using transparency of the colors on their faces to add some really bright, vibrant colors! I can totally see the fat part of this - which is superfun, but i am not sure what your other piece is? Air? Fire? Water? I love what you're doing with the figures so it would be really cool for you to do something atmospheric with the background? Also - maybe you could play with the color of the black lines, too - to make them seem more integrated with the rest!
    One more thing - I like how their faces have a ton of colors - maybe you could bring them in to the clothes and background!

    Also - cake? does that go with one of the elements?