Friday, April 15, 2011

Megan Leitschuh- earth element

^GIF.... but I don't know if it will work for you :/ Click it and find out
^Sketch + little peek at how I first started coloring.
^Adding in color. I would blend some colors (especially in the face) and then go back over with the chalk and not blend it.
^Close-up showing hair and background
^Face close-up
^Full view of finished drawing! If you couldn't tell, I used the earth element as my inspiration. :) I ended up using 5/6 colors that were in my palette, but I like how it turned out. I also used the chalk brush for the whole thing (I think it was the hard chunky kind or something) to give it a dry, gritty texture like dirt or sand.


  1. I really like the look of this piece a lot. Everything looks very smooth and the contrast in the hair and face give the image a lot of depth. I also like how you implemented the tree roots into the hair a lot. They give more of a feeling of a story to the piece. One thing that I think could be improved on, though, would be to change the borders a little so more of her head is included. Right now I think the cropping is a little weird where it is. Overall, though, this is a very nice piece and with a lot of nice details in it.

  2. I really like the earthy element to your drawing. i think choosing a dry medium was really smart, and works really well on a toned ground. I could see you doing a little more with the dark areas - maybe more of them? To pop out her face? Maybe even the background could be darker as well for hte same effect! I think you've done a great job moving the color around - and although I don't think of purple as a super earthy color, I think that the other colors are subtle enough and work well together!
    It could be really interesting to add a couple more super hot highights to her nose or cheekbones to pop out the depth even more. Same with the shadows - maybe some deep areas could also pop her out! Great job!

  3. I love the hair a lot except when it turns into those trees at the bottom. I understand what you were trying to do. I just don't think the way it's executed that it work aesthetically. YOur color choices are really nice along with the face in general being really naturalistic. GoodJob.

  4. Ahh this works so well! I totally saw both themes you were working for! I love that you used trees for the hair and it works so well! I barely noticed it at first. The chalky texture to it also is really clear for dry.
    Well done! :D