Friday, April 15, 2011

Emiller "Sweaty in Hell"

Process sketch #1. My friend was actually wearing everything in this picture.

Process sketch #2.... I turned him into a icky zombie I guess.

Detail shot: Ewwww sweeaty.

Finished! Hooray! :D

Click this picture for animation!


  1. Girrrl this is super awesome! I loved seeing it go from needing the line work to standing on its own. I love the sweaty goodness of this and the color pallet is great.
    I like how the image progressed from the beginning, very different and I think you could use your first few steps to get a completely different aesthetic, much more stylized while your finished piece is more realistic. Awesomness

  2. Woo!

    I like this. The background is reall nice. He seems a bit unsolid, maybe add some more dark parts or some linework over it. I think if you made his torso more wide to the left the composition would be just a biiiiit nicer. Nice work though

  3. i love the variety of colors in the background and the movement that it gives the image! it's way more dynamic then it would be without the brushy background. i think the composition could have been a little different to add to that, though. i also love the beads of sweat from the closeup, maybe you could add brighter highlights or some sharpness to those so that they don't get totally lost when zoomed out?

  4. The black looks a little heavy on his head/body, and sort of flattens him out. You could use a colour that's a little lighter, maybe. Or just not fill in the hair in such a solid way. His features get a little lost too.

    Background's really fun though.

  5. Those are some zany tappers. I really like the overall what the fuck you looking at look mixed with the fire. It is a good overall image, but it does get a little flat with all of the dark that it gets.

  6. I like the different layers of skin tones you used for the face. I also really like the the brush strokes you used in the background; it creates a great movement to the piece.

  7. It's really great to see the close-up of your drawing! I really like the texture that you're getting and the transparency of how it looks on his forehead! I think you could play with using another color rather than black for the shadows underneath his hair (purple? navy?) just so it doesn't flatten his head out? Still - I'm glad that you're using pops of color in the reds around his face and that your'e pulling color from one area of the painting to another! I think youcould also go back into his hair and put in some small highlights to bring out specific strands - or maybe some small details? maybe also try adding some of the skin tones and colors in the face back into thebackground a little, too!

  8. You might want to try to use one of the blenders in the brush palettes, that will help get rid of the grainy texture left by your brush, which will help it read more clearly as sweaty. I really like your background colors, and I think it would be good to try having a few more of them reflected in the face.