Friday, December 16, 2011

Alli Messamer: The Edge Chronicles

tree marketplace final background sm

tree marketplace final 1sm
first scene

tree marketplace final 2 sm
second scene

tree marketplace final 3 sm
third scene

tree marketplace close up
close up

The Edge Chronicles- Book 3, Chapter 14

The place was lit by glowing lamps and sputtering torches. Over aerial bridges, up rope ladders and down, they hurried. This way and that…..

…..They passed business after small business- shops, stalls, makeshift trestle-tables- each one with its owner shouting out never-to-be-repeated bargains, trying to catch their eye.

process shots:
Screen shot blocky

Screen shot lines


  1. I REALLY like this! :D
    I think the colors you chose are great, and I love the depth you have in here. Plus the characters are just cute and all around interesting. I like how other characters move around in the scene from picture to picture, and how you change the stalls. And the main characters are bright and highlighted but don't stand out or take over the scene. :) Very nice!

  2. I love the color plate on this it really helps the characters pop out!

  3. This is a really nifty piece. The way you've drawn the characters places them quite nicely into the world- they feel like they belong there (well, except for the fact that they aren't reptile/cat people like the shop owners) I like how you move the characters from one scene to the next follows a line- it helps the viewer find the kids in the last image. That being said, it might be fun to give them just a bit more light/a glow/etc in that final scene, just to make them pop a bit more/draw the focus back to them.

  4. This is really great! I love the colors your chose for the background! I think the characters pop a little too much a way from the background colors, but I might just be nitpicky! But I really enjoy what you did with the far background!

  5. Your background looks amazing... the depth and coloring are so nice. I think you could apply the same lighting to your characters a little bit more to make them more part of the scene.

  6. I love the set-up of your environment - the bridge definitely looks intimidating! it makes for a really nice place that your characters can be involved in the stalls around them - and also is well organized so that we can tell how to move around the piece! There's a nice direction to how you're supposed to move through it. I also like that youre using the colors of your two characters to help focus your eyes on their actions as opposed to the other pieces in the environment. I think that it would be great to know why the stalls get more empty in such a short time? Does a lot of time pass between when they are on one side of the bridge to another? I think one thing that could be cool for you to add woud be some interesting textures to the buildings and ground. Maybe you change the brush type as you move between structures and characters? Maybe you create different ways to show cloth vs. brick, vs dirt? I do like how you're using the lantern to help guide us with color and light, too. Maybe in the last panel the lighting gets a little more intense on the far side-- just against the wall they're near? Also -- I wanted to say thanks So much for an awesome semester! I think I told you this before - in class, but it has been SO fun, and so awesome. I love seeing all of your work and am so excited and hope you get painter for christmas!! make sure you come and say hi next semester and enjoy every minute of break!! :) You deserve it!