Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sam Aburime: 'Good Omens'

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0_The Book Shop Good Omens_BG
((background as itself))

1_The Book Shop Good Omens2 2_800wide
Crowley and Aziraphale discuss where to find Lucifer's son (He's missing)
2_TheBoo ShopGoodOmens-sc2_800wide
(Old Man Shadwell who's been following the two around believes Aziraphale to be a demon (not an angel) and tries to exercise him as he saw him doing his circle magic.)
(Aziraphale got zapped away and Shadwell fled, knocking over a candle in the shop leaving Crowley suddenly at a loss)

Story Exerpt (From 3rd section):
((My illustrations show three important points in time in the same place though not happening one after the other))

Then he pushed open the door and stepped into the inferno.
The whole bookshop was ablaze. "Aziraphale!" He called. "Aziraphale, you- you stupid- Aziraphale? Are you here?"
No answer. Just the crackle of burning papers, the splintering of glass as the fire reached the upstairs rooms, the crash of collapsing timbers.
He scanned the shop urgently, desperately, looking for the angel, looking for help.
In the far corner a bookshelf toppled over, cascading flaming books across the floor. The fire was all around him, and Crowley ignored it. His left trouser leg began to smoulder; he stopped it with a glance.
"Hello? Aziraphale! For Go-, for Sa-, for somebody's sake! Aziraphale!"
The shop window was smashed from outside. Crowley turned, startled, and an unexpected jet of water struck him full in the chest, knocking him to the ground.
His shades flew to a far corner of the room, and became a puddle of burning plastic. Yellow eyes with slitted vertical pupils were revealed. Wet and streaming, face ash-blackened, as far from cool as it was possible for him to be, on all fours in the blazing bookshop, Crowley cursed Aziraphale, and the ineffable plan, and Above, and Below.

1_Screen shot 2011-11-28 at 2.25.57 PM
2_Screen shot 2011-11-29 at 2.41.59 PM
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4_det_Screen shot 2011-12-15 at 12.05.19 PM


  1. you did a very nice job with the background and the people. They are placed into the background very nicely. Not knowing the story the old man was confusing. Is there a way he can be in the background in the first scene? or show where the guy in the red shirt leaving? Over all it is done really nicely. Im guessing there is a lot more of the story to show.

  2. The textures are so much fun! I'd like to see a few more shadows and highlights in the book case.

  3. This is easily one of my favorite pieces of yours from this class. I really like how you rendered the characters- it looks really snazzy, and fits well with how you drew/colored everything else. (The old guy is still my all time favorite!) If I'm being super nitpicky, it might be fun for you to go back and add just a little tiny bit of detail to the books on the shelves, even something like a thin stripe or two, or the odd title.

  4. Sam, this is really great - especially the second scene! I really love the gesture in your figures! I think the fire could use some work, but the rendering in the background is awesome and the scenes read super well chronologically!

  5. I really like the character design here. I also like the liveliness and motion that is going on in each image. The sense of depth is really nice in the background.

  6. Sam, this is fantastic. I LOVE the colors, the depth of your space, and the detail. You did such a great job making this space feel lived in, and SO lively. It's awesome to explore the whole space. I also think you did a great job setting up the foreground/ middle/background of this space. When I think of it as a bkgrd for animation, I imagine that this could be used for a wide spectrum of scenes -- it's got a lot of possibilities for other encounters. I also think you did a great job setting up the story - the way that the light changes, the changes in the environment, the way you're dealing with the fire - it's all wonderful. I think if you were to add anything- maybe it would be cool to see how the fire would light the character a little more -- it seems like you could do something with some extreme lighting on the folds of his suit! I think the only other thing that I was wondering about was the wall/door with the cross on it? I guess the thing I was wondering about was if it was a door or a wall! i can't tell! is there a way to tell? Although I love the way the cross hangs off in the last panel! Anywayyyyy, Sam, you're awesome. You are super fun and so talented. It's been awesome having you in class again :) :) seriously. You can send me all the pictures of cats every day, all the time :)