Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lairen Baller:...Big Hungry Bear





This story is about a little mouse who finds a huge strawberry and eats it before the "bug hungry bear" can get to it.


  1. This is all kinds of cute! I really love all the different textures in it!

  2. I love the atmosphere in this one! i know we talked about that a couple times as you were working on it, but you have really done a great job with creating space in your atmosphere! I love the hazy effect and think it makes the space look like it's deep and I can see how you're working with depth of field. Great choice as well on the colors that you've used in your foreground elements! I love the contrast and how vibrant they are! One thing I think you could add is to make the vine of the strawberry sag with the weight of the mouse when he's hanging on it, and maybe it could snap back into place once the strawberry is gone! I also think it could be great for you to add a couple of shadows under the mouse and plants that could help create even more volume in the space! I love the expressions of the mouse as well - especially the first one, where you make him looking SO surprised! Finally, I just wanted to say I really loved having you in class, it's so awesome meeting someone from one of the other majors -- and I LOVE seeing how you're working with these programs!! Congrats on graduating!! I'll be rooting for you! Please keep in touch! and COngratulations x 10000000!! :)