Friday, December 16, 2011

Cole Sutton - Battle of Hoth

If you don't know the story, I'm disappointed.

Process Shot

Background Finished

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Closeup 1

Closeup 2


  1. The textures in this are GREAT! You also created a really awesome sense of space.

  2. The last scene is definitely my favorite. It's a nice lead from the first two, it slightly surprises the viewer, but not really because we sort of already know what happens. Those of us who are cool enough...

  3. The far back mountains and the sun are really great, as well as the blue reflection on the snow. Great job on your attention to shadows! I think using smaller brush strokes in your foreground would help the imagery of your scene, being that things should be more detailed as they get closer. Nice job!

  4. wow this is really awesome! i love the way you used painter and the style you did it in. the story comes across very nicely! the composition is very nicely done and the lighting is great. i love it! great job!

  5. so cool.really nice background and color choice, it looks really clean. and what it is happening is so clear.

  6. There is so much going on int this image! I like that there is so much to look at. I like the amount of texture you used on the front part of the image and how it gets less textural far away. Also the way you treated the sky is nice. It isn't totally flat.

    also the story it super easy to understand....Star Wars.

  7. Very nice depth. I wish there was some more stark shadows on the snow since the sun is so bright.

  8. Best movie of all time! Great color palette fits the Hoth battle very accurately. The progression through the story makes sense and the perspective is a fresh look into this amazing moment in the film. Everything feels well placed and Great rendering on the snowspeeders and AT-ATs.

  9. This looks great! I love how full this looks even with such a limited color palette. I think you definitle did a good job resolving the color in the guys in the foreground to make them seem like they stood out against the snowy background. it's easy to see all of the points of focus, and it's a lot of fun looking through the details in your pieces. I love the way you've set up the scenes from one to the next, it's very easy to see how the story progrresses -- you've done a great job with planning it out. I also love the space and the depth of the image. You also did a great job working with color and lighting here- nice shadows and reflections in the ice. and really nice simpiification of the guys down below, in addition to the smoke textures. In fact ,if there was anything else that you could add to this - maybe you could see what kinds of snowy textures you could play with in the foreground. its nice how you are building up the different planes in the snow, but maybe there could be a dusty texture, or even some chunks / distressed looking textures on top of that section i nthe foreground so it looks like there are both solid pieces ,and drifting snowblanks. I think the only other thing would be to see if there is any way - either with color, or with other clues, to make that one little plane -the one that is shooting/wrapping around the legs of the walker thing, a little more obvious to see! It is such a great part of the story -- i'd love to see it more! Though, i do like seeing some planes come from in the foreground. Finally - you did a reall nice job using the whole space, foreground, middle and background. Nice work on this. And, nice work throughout the semester. it's very inspiring how you really consider a lot of your topics, do the research, and are really serious about doing a great job! It shows!! It's been awesome having you in class!! Keep in touch!! :) I know you're in a different dept, but stop by and say hi sometime!!! Thanks for an awesome class!