Friday, December 16, 2011

JakeS Alley Fight

alley concept fight 1
On a far away galaxy exists an alien race known as the Spider Clan. They plan to conquer the planet Repta (a dry and sandy planet). In this story the Repta people are attacked by the Spider Clan unexpectedly. This first illustration shows first contact with the Spider Clan.

alley concept fight 2

Even though the Repta people are caught off guard they quickly gather ground forces and fight back with their special troopers.

alley concept fight 3

Thee Repta people defeat the first wave of Spider Clan forces and live to fight another day.


  1. This is so good. I love the flat textures and perspective in this piece. The atmospheric perspective is pretty adequate as well as the succession from scene to scene.

  2. THAT SECOND PICTURE IS BAD ASS. Really strong composition and intense posing and characters. Really nice depth

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  4. I like the soft textures on the buildings. The foggy background recedes nicely. Possibly add more to the third image on the dead spider now that it is in the foreground I would like to see some more information about what this mysterious arachnid individual is.

  5. Hey this turned out great!!! You did a fantastic job on this background/ environment! It's great the way that you've created such an atmospheric, great space. I love how it fades out and looks dusty as it goes back in space. Great work on setting this up! It's marvelous!! I also love how you're using color in this piece - the background in particular is really rich - it's awesome to see that bright red in the foreground. I also thikn the way that yo'uve stylized the buildings is great- it looks kind of wild-westy, with tin roofs and wooden storefronts. I like the poses that you're also setting up witht he characters and machines. I wonder if there is a way to continue adding color to some of the characters as well - i like seeing the brownish version of the spider thing, it's rich and looks liek it fits the lighting that the second scene. I wonder if you could add just a touch of that warm light to the first and last scene in the characters (just a tiny bit!) to make those unite more! The only scene that I don't quite completely understand is the third one - maybe because I'm not sure if the fighter guys in the front are dead? or idf they've fled? And I think that the spider thing is what is lying in the middle, but it seems to be missing some legs? maybe they could be somewhere else in the scene - maybe ripped off? or??? This is great! Great job!! And Thank you so much for an awesome semester! I'm so excited that you've worked so well in painter these past couple projects! it'll be so awesome to see what you'll make in the future!! :) Yeah!!