Friday, December 16, 2011

Kelsey Dusenka - Final










A Myth from the Alabama Tribe
retold by S.E. Schlosser

In the beginning of the world, it was Bear who owned Fire. It warmed Bear and his people on cold nights and gave them light when it was dark. Bear and his people carried fire with them wherever they went.

One day, Bear and his people came to a great forest, where they found many acorns lying on the forest floor. Bear set Fire at the edge of the forest, and he and his people began eating acorns. The acorns were crunch and crisp and tasted better than any other acorns Bear and his people had ever eaten. They wandered further and further away from Fire, eating the delicious acorns and seeking out more when the acorn supply grew low.

Fire blazed up merrily for awhile, until it had burned nearly all of its wood. It started to smoke and flicker, then it dwindled down and down. Fire was alarmed. It was nearly out. "Feed me! Feed me!" Fire shouted to Bear. But Bear and his people had wandered deep into the forest, and then did not hear Fire's cries.

At that moment, Man came walking through the forest and saw the small, flickering Fire. "Feed me! Feed me!" Fire cried in despair.

"What should I feed you?" Man asked. He had never seen Fire before.

"I eat sticks and logs and wood of all kinds," Fire explained.

Man picked up a stick and leaned it on the North side of Fire. Fire sent its orange-blue flames flickering up the side of the stick until it started to burn. Man got a second stick and laid it on the West side of the fire. Fire, nourished by the first stick, burned brighter and stretched taller and eagerly claimed the second stick. Man picked up a third stick and laid it on the south side of Fire and laid a fourth stick on the East. By this time, Fire was leaping and dancing in delight, its hunger satisfied.

Man warmed himself by the blazing Fire, enjoying the changed colors and the hissing and snapping sound Fire made as it ate the wood. Man and Fire were very happy together, and Man fed Fire sticks whenever it got hungry.

A long time later, Bear and his people came back to the edge of the forest, looking for Fire. Fire was angry when it saw Bear. It blazed until it was white-hot and so bright that Bear had to shade his eyes with both paws. "I do not even know you!" Fire shouted at Bear. The terrible heat rolling of Fire drove Bear and his people away, so they could not take it and carry it away with them.

And now Fire belongs to Man.


  1. I LOVE the use of complementary colors in this piece, and the bears are all kinds of adorable! ^_^

  2. That fire is just TOO adorable! I love it's design. I really like the way you handled the light source too, I can really see your improvement! Good job!

  3. this is so adorable! i love the color sheme that you used and the story is told well. i feel like you spent a lot of time on this and you understand painter. great job!

  4. KELSEY THIS IS FABULOUS. I love how you made the acorns stand out, they look really great. And I think the fire is an adorable character that you handled really well.
    The space is handled great, and I think the lighting cast by the fire looks great, and I like how the time of day changes and darkens.

    Also I like the bears. In the second image I'd kind of like to see the bears a little further off, or faded a little into the background, maybe in fog to show their abandonment of the fire and that he's being left way behind. But looks great!
    I think you could make fire a little smaller in that frame too (maybe) Or show him more alarmed.

  5. That story is so sad, I am going to cry! (not really)

    Anyway, great job on this! I love the color scheme - it really brings attention to the fire! I think it works especially well in the first scene! I think the last scene, however, could use some more highlights on the bears to help them stick out more because they are very overwhelmed as is!

  6. I am glad you did the purples and added pink in for the fire when it is being cute and happy. I can definitely tell when your fire changes attitude. Good use of color. I think for you last scene, you could add a little bit more of the fires light on the bears because it is so close to the fire. Other than that, awesome.

  7. My favorite part about this piece is the glow of the fire as the highlights on the bear's belly. It's pretty obvious what is going on from scene to the next. I like how you rendered the fire, this style stays consistent throughout. Great work

  8. My fav part of this is the fame. it is not easy to make fire look good. Ok I also like the bears and the color and the lighting and the trees. Over all it is very nice. I guessing the story is. The bears are hanging out with the flame, they leave and the flame its sad, they come back and flame is all angry?


  9. I really love watching the fire change from scene to scene. For such a simple character, you managed to pack in a lot of personality~ It was really fun getting to watch this come together, I still really love the colors! The one thing I wish is that the acorns were still a bit more prevalent in the second scene- even just a couple to help lead us to the back where the bears are.

  10. I think you did a fantastic job setting up each scene to lead into the next! It's so sad watching the face of the firre as the bears are leaving him! I also like how you play with the size of him as he gets pissed and tells them off in the last panel. The expressions are great, and the mood of the whole scene is really well done with the lighting you've set up! I love the colors you've chosen to do with this - I really like the twist to purples and pinks. It is definite a fun interpretation of an otherwise serious story! I love the pink lighting in the first scene so much - it looks magnificent! I think you could go back and add some more colorful and harsh lighting to the bear in the last scene -- where the fire is huge! It seems that since he would be burning really hot and beight, that there would be a HUGE shadow cast behind the bears, and that the light on the fire-side of the bears would be super bright! It'd be really easy to add, and totally worth it! You also did a great job with the passing of time- using different colors in the background. I love that the sun is setting as they leave. Great job on this! Love the story and your interpretation! Thanks again for everything and for an amazing semester :) it has been SO fun. I remember that you were working with AI in illustration one -- and it has been so cool to see you work with photoshop, and now painter! You have such a great talent with digital -- keep going! It's been so nice that you just dive right in and tear it up! :) Thanks again -- and really enjoy yourself this break!! :)