Friday, December 16, 2011

Sherri Taray - Coraline

I apologize in advance for how disjointed this is... Firstly, I started out under the impression that we were doing 3 different pieces of the story in one environment, and secondly, I didn't get around to working on part 2, so only 1 and 3 are finished. Yikes. Also, the I think I went a little overboard on background detail, so I get an F in planning out how much time this would take, haha.


The first scene introduces the characters, showing Coraline's always-too-busy-for-her parents on their laptops in the kitchen.

In the second scene, I was going to show Coraline in the alternate world that she ends up in, with her "other" parents. Different color scheme in the kitchen, warped parents... ran out of time.

In the third scene, its back in Coraline's real world, but the creeping hand of the "other" mother is looking for the key that will allow her (the mother) into the real world.


Detail shots:


  1. I LOVE the difference in color palette between the real world and the other world! It looks so creepy!

  2. I really like the details in this! Some of the perspective is a little wonkey but not in a SUPER HORRIBLE way! GOOD JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB

  3. WOW! Your environment looks REALLY GOOD! I think the background looks great even if you did run out of time to finish the other scene. Always good to have experience with backgrounds~!
    I think the textures and effects work well. And I like how the dad is on tumblr xD

    Good color schemes!

  4. the amount of time you spend on the environment really shows. your first scene feels really complete and solid; you added enough to the characters to give them depth, but they don't get muddied displayed at this small size. I also really like your pallet change for the alternate world; I really wish I could've seen scene 2!

  5. Awesome job! The environment is amazing, especially in the scene with the hand! This is such a good rendering of Coraline. I think this could benefit from a little more atmosphere, though! Some slightly more grayed out bits in the back, high contrast in the front -- just to give it some more depth.

  6. Nice brush strokes feels very painterly. The wall feels a bit off on the left and the area with the sink but other then that the characters feel very normal in the environment and I like the mood changes you make in the backgrounds. Great work.

  7. The detail in your background is absolutely incredible. That refrigerator is amazing! While I really like the soft glowy shading in the second (third?) scene, with the lightning outside the window, I'd love to see some really sharp contrast/lighting to match.

  8. Great job on the background! I know we already talked about this, but it is really exciting to see through (and behind) the doorway leading into the kitchen - it's like you're peering from behind the scenes into the action. Doing interiors are really hard and it looks like you've tried to create a space that is believable. I think that the hard thing in your piece is to see the tone of the story? The second one with the lighting gives me a much better idea, but, as you mentioned in your notes above, it's a little hard to see how one scene leads into the next! I still think you could do it, though! I think that if you were to change the three scenes to things that are a little closer together in the story, that you'd be able to do it! I really love the way you've used color in the dark scene and would definitley continue to use those techniques in your future work!! Painter seems really nice and natural to you - keep doing amazing things with it! It's been awesome having you in class again!! I really hope you have the best break ever and I just wanted to thank you so much for making this semester really awesome :) I had a blast! Thank you thank you!!! :) Rest up and do some fun, relaxing things this holiday season!