Friday, September 23, 2011

Cole Sutton's Horror Movie Poster - American Psycho

Horror Movie Poster - American Psycho

American Psycho - detail

American Pyscho - process #4

American Pyscho - process #3

American Pyscho - process #2

American Pyscho - process #1


  1. I think this looks awesome. I like how the blood hints at the facial shape

    I really like the smoke effect you have going too
    Nice colors! They work together nicely.
    Also I think the textures/patterns work well on the suit and tie.

    Nice bottom text layout too!


  2. I agree with the comment above. I LOVE how you used the blood to hint at the facial shapes. I think the suit and tie textures are also really awesome.

  3. This is really great! It really looks like a real poster! I'm not so certain about the font used for the title, but everything else is really great! I really enjoy the pinstripes - it really adds to the 'casual business man' look and adds depth and direction.

    One thing I would say is that even though close up the whited out teeth against the whited out skin makes sense, it doesn't work as well from far away. It's a weird shape and since there is no real differentiation against the two - no lips boundary - it confuses it a bit.

  4. For some reason this reminds me of the movie Hallow Man...I think that is the name. I enjoy how you used the blood texture to reveal part of the facial structure, almost as if he is an invisible man. The textures are very well crafted. Good job, Sir!

  5. I love the smoke texture and the blood splatter on the face. I get an action packed feel out of the poster. The character is so simple, yet as we can see, has multiple layers underneath. I like that you added the shadow on the tie because it gives your character more depth.

  6. Adding just a bit of texture through lines and patterns really adds a lot. The use of layering in the smoke is convincing. I love that you didn't put a face in and left the most of his head white. The blood is just enough detail for his face. great work.

  7. really like the details you put on the suit and tie, the texture of them are really nice, but kind of feeling the post has too much empty space.

  8. Great job with the smoke and the nice clean clothes. The background choice and type work too because it compliments the nature of the guy's life until he goes crazy.

  9. Seems to match the movie really well. kudos on the smoke really flows naturally and doesn't feel choppy. I feel the text is very fitting I reminds me of the business card scene and gives off that sophisticated feel that the movie portrays. The shapes of the shelves seem a bit less clean cut as everything else.

  10. Well you totally know how to use Ai. Its totally creepy without being scary colors. The patterns were used in fitting areas. The blood spatter is super disturbing. The smoke looks good. and it is probably the thing you my want to look at again. It could use a little more blending.

    The composition is awesome!

  11. I think you did a wonderful job utilizing textures to show the form in his clothes, and the blood splatter on the face really helps to make it feel like a face and not just some strange white blank space. Compositionally, it feels very well balanced. The only bit that feel a bit strange to me is the left half of his hair (looks like it's missing chunks)

  12. Cole, this is fantastic. I love how graphic it is and how clean you've left everything. I think it is a totally fitting stylization of the topic! I think the way you've handled the hierarchy in color is awesome, too = I know exactly where to look first, second, third. I love the way you're creating textures with the smoke, too - Everything is really clean. The light area of his hair looks like it could be tweaked ever so slightly so it doesn't have that sharp curved edge against the brown - do you know what I mean - I wish I could point at it. Everything else about his hari / face/ etc, looks really fluid. I think it's just that brown stripe on his hair that looks flat? I also really like the way you've handled the type in this piece - It fits with the tone of the rest of the poster. I could see you adding a tag line - or a new york times review or something tot he space on the right - right under the title. fantastic job on this. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do with illustrator!! :D