Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sam Aburime - Monster

More Illustrator practice


Got more familiar with textures, pathfinder, clipping masks and brushes

Created my own textures for this.

Created the 'moon' with brush and pencil tool


  1. I love the way you textured the bird, as well as layering the textures on it. I actually think it would be really cool if the crow didn't have the gray layer on the bottom though, just the outline of the bird with texture. A couple more layers in the background would be nice to give your piece more depth.

  2. I really enjoy the textures in the bird like sooo much! This is really nice. And the glowing eye is great! I think your color choice is very apt! Usually having a warmer gray in the background would make the bird, which is cooler, recede from the viewer, but I think this works!

  3. I really enjoy the smaller patterns you used for the piece- especially on the branch, the moon, and the tree/leaves~ I like how you had breaks/overlaps on the texture for the body of the bird (from the main body to the tail) but I do wish you had done just a bit more with the texture, or even added just a bit more detail to the bird in one way or another.

  4. The hatching on the leaves is gorgeous, and I like the different directions you have the hatching going in the raven. I might have a few more shapes in the background, just to fill the space more.

  5. I like the textures on your bird. It makes the mood of your piece feel kind of spooky and dark. It would be cool if the texture of your trees and the branch were slightly more different. to me, it looks like the same pattern. Other than that, the placement of your crow is great.

  6. I really like how you're using hand done textures in this one in the trees - it feels like a texture that's appropriate for the subject matter. It doesn't look like you've used 4 textures in here, though? Maybe you could add a couple smaller textures in the bird so that he doesn't feel as flat? Is there something you can do to make him seem like he isn't just one shape - like add a texture for the long feathers on his wings vs the texture on his head? I do like how youre turning the texture inside his body, though - to help create more of a form. The other thing I could see you doing is layering different colors of the same texture on top of each other to give him some body as well? I like the mood of it, though - it seems like gritty textures really fit the subject.