Friday, September 23, 2011


IOTA movie finished poster

IOTA movie shaded

IOTA movie sketch


  1. I think this looks fantastic. I /really/ like the illustrative quality with this one, and the newspaper and textures work perfectly with this.

    The rendering on the figure looks great, and I really like your bold -but not loud- colors.

    Nice looking text blocked out too!
    Really strong piece!


  2. The way you've designed this is very nice. Great use of space and texture. I like that you used text as a form of texture, something this simple feels very powerful. Also, your color palette is subtle, grimy and great. The blobs look like mold and I like it.

  3. This is a really interesting take on this assignment! I love the muted color palette and the imagery!

    However I think this could use some help with hierarchy! I go directly to the guy's skin because it is so pale, rather than the title. Using the triangle shape to attract us was a good attempt, but it doesn't stand out well against the rest. It is a good icon, though - a useful symbol for the movie which is a good advertising step!

  4. it is really cool, I like the where and how you put the logo. may be you can try to put some texture under the person.

  5. I really like the background texture and the hand drawn look. The center placement I think works. I'm not sure what is going on and what the movie is about except that I want to see it.

  6. This is incredibly lovely. You did a wonderful job with the layering and textures- especially for illustrator, this is fantastic! The text and composition work together well, everything seems to cooperate nicely.

  7. i can't tell if the shading was done digitally or just done by hand then scanned. if it was done in illustrator, then amazing job. if not, tsk tsk for cheating (jk). right now the mood seems more melancholy than horror. you should push the stress level somehow, maybe intensifying the dirty textures or the writhing head form

  8. I really like how you're handling the type in this piece - I think you've done a great job creating something that is really interesting and nicely layed out. I think the color of the type could be bumped up a little - maybe a little lighter so you can see it better? It would be nice if it had more of a contrast from the stuff behind it? I know you did most of this not in illustrator because of how it crashed on you, so I"d love to see how you handle your next assignment with more shapes and shading in illustrator, too! As it is, it's a great concept - a little on the creepy / mysterious side- like, you wonder what is happening. Maybe the color of the paper color in the background can get a little darker so it feels even more creepy. The imagery definitely does it for me. Tweak the color and I think you've got it! Nice job on the text at the bottom as well - What rating would you give this movie?

    Finally - I can definitely help you bring back that smoke texture in this! You have so many possibilities to use the bitmap textures in here! It would be amazing to see you use those on top of the grey area on his head - or even the paper texture in the background - I can help you try taht it bitmap as well. It's a great texture and definitely helps with the atmosphere of the piece!