Friday, November 18, 2011

Free Candy

Based on a picture of a friend during a fake mustache photo shoot. I used mostly dry media brushes, like pastels and chalk.

Process 1
Free Candy - process 1

Process 2
Free Candy - process 2

Process 3
Free Candy - process 3 (with photo)

Free Candy - final


  1. This is so funny, hahaha. Even though you did the hair in a simple kind of manner, I think it works well for the craziness of this guy. I really like that you played with different brush settings. The shirt looks a tad bit rushed to me, it would be nice to see it done with the same kind of brush/texture that the guy's skin is in.

  2. I think the first stage of this has a lot of promise, but I wish that the end result had pulled out further from the background with a lighter, more fleshy tone for some contrast! The expression is great, though!

  3. I really adore how you've formed the shape of the hair in this- I only wish you had more lights and darks hidden in there! The skin is really quite lovely, it has a really nice sense of depth. The clothes, and the weird scribbly purple lines you've used, do not feel as well rendered. Even if they had been a bit more subdued/solid, I think they would've worked much better.

  4. haha. i almost like stage 1 the best. the simple monotone has just enough volume for me.

  5. Crazy portrait. I agree with Maya the first sketch was really strong and I would have liked to see the image push further in the direction of subtle color variations. I like the hair in the final image but the shirt and stash seem a little out of place. You could try blending the colors to help pull the the over all image together. Maybe the purples would work better with it if you blended it or replaced with a flatter purple. Looks like you started with a charcoal or pastel and finished with an oil brush. If you like mixing the two I would suggest switching between to two and over lapping them so they merge better.

  6. WHOA. OK. <--- Alyssa and Francesca actually had to tell me this was Llew. Holy crap. I remember walking past when you were starting this and being like "who's that creeper".... weird. Anyway! You were doing some awesome stuff in the tonal part! You had it down! I really like how you were doing the lights and shadows. I think if you wanted to, you could go back to that part, and just add a bit of linework, and a bit of super-highlight on the face and hair, and you would have had it! I'm not sure what your plan was for the shirt, but it doesn't match with the way you were handling the top half? Did you run out of time? I think it'd be a quick fix if you wanted to take the same tools and just do a value study. Did you not have a tablet? it kind of looks like you lost the pressure sensitivity there -- or maybe you were experimenting. Either way, I think you were going strong up until the shirt!