Friday, November 11, 2011

maya's medusa image

I chose the myth of Medusa - specifically a version in which, after severing the gorgon's head, Perseus later casts the decapitated head away and from where it rests sprouts the coral reef.

medusa stage 1
medusa stage 2
medusa stage 3
medusa stage 4
medusa - close up 1
medusa - close up 2


  1. I think the colors work well together. There isn't much volume to her head in the space that you chose. I feel there could be more shadows or some sort of depth with her head in the coral. I like the details of the fish here and there, I would love to see more of that. The texture of her snake-hair is really nice, the direction of light is very nice.

  2. I agree with Hope. I would like to see more volume in the head, and I'd also like to see more of the space filled with fish. If you're going for Greek mythology, there's TONS of sea creatures out there!

  3. The merging between the two is very well done. I like the colors you used on the head and the eels. You made use of all the grounds and excellent color texture usage. The only thing i would add is more textures around the head or some kind of coral reef that wraps around her head some more.

  4. I love the way you executed this illustration. Your brush stokes are excellent and the detail is on point. Nice job! :)

  5. I love the texture of your drawn things. I do wish there was a little more drawing, the face is so outlined that it pops out... maybe add some outlines to some of your background things!!!!!

  6. I absolutely love how you've doctored the scene to be more full, and have considered the lighting, and color. the way you've handled the purple tone is nice - and I love that you've also used it to create the other pieces of the scene. I think the way that you're also making sure that the pieces of coral that are in the background are soft and hazy really helps it feel deep and well connected to the scene. As fat as the painting, I love how you're using the blue light on the tips of her hair/snakes to tie that back in as well - the more vibrant color in her face also helps her stand out a little bit more. I also like seeing that you've created some eel , or whatever those are, in the rocks and crevices. I could see you also using some of your brushes to paint on, or add texture to some of hte coral pieces even further. WHat you do it, it looks fabulous! Be Daring with it!! :) I love seeing the texture brush stokes around teh eels, and also around the neckline of medusa's head as it settles in the sand. Really nice. OR, even add a painted coral piece or two that could bring your eye up to another part of the scene in the left hand side. Love the glow in her eyes, too - nice way to bring that blue light down to the bottom of the picture.