Friday, November 18, 2011

Painter Portraits - Sherri Taray

It's pretty obvious who my portraits are of, I would hope. I've been really interested in morphing the styles of cartoon characters recently, so I thought this assignment would be really fun to try that out. The first pic is more practice than anything, but I kind of like how it turned out more than the final one I made. Oh, and I used soft pastels.


Ash and Pikachu for the project~


  1. This is GREAT! I love the different values in Ash's skin. It feels very realistic. I would like to see you smooth out the textures on Pikachu a little (so it matches more with Ash).

  2. great build of color and value. that process seemed to pay off really well in the end

  3. I really like how you're using the dry media, it seems really natural - do you usually work with dry materials? Like pastels? It seems natural to you! I like how you're using the texture of the paper in the background on the picture of Misty- it looks nice where the background color hits the edges of the green "glow". I also like that yor'e adding in some of the blue green to her face - it's sort of a reflection of light coming from her green background. In your Ash and Pikachuy piece, I love seeing the introduction of purple/blue on his hat and the lighter colors inside the shines of his hair. Ther eis something really nice about the color on his cheeks in the in-progress shot - where he has soert of a roundness? Did it get blown out when you went to final? I love seeing it and if there was a way to bring it back, that would be fantastic! I think it would also be great to see hwo pikachu would look if you brought a little bit of light blue back into him - almost as if the light behind him (the blue) was reflecting on to his fur. I think you would do this easily, and kind of treat it how you did the rest of the shadows, just add it in a couple places. I really do like the softness of the in-progress shot where it's just on the light blue - the colors are a little more subdued, but it's nice to see how you get the greens and blues showing up!

  4. WHOOOOOOA SHERRI. This is very nice. I like the glare in the eyes and I also enjoy that the background helps focus most of ones attention on the character. Nice!

  5. This is awesome, I never watched the show Pokemon but if the cartoons all looked like this I would be addicted to it.

  6. Great job. I like your very rendered out version of pikachu and ash. The colors work great over all and the background helps them stand out. Very Nice.