Friday, November 11, 2011

Kelsey Dusenka - Russian Folklore

here's the wiki excerpt I based my illustration on:

"Russian folk culture depicts the soul either as small and childlike, or having wings and flying. For forty days after a funeral, the soul of the deceased visits places it liked or faceland places where it sinned to ask for forgiveness."

russian folklore - the soul


detail - 01

detail - 02


process 01

process 02

process 03

process 04


  1. Very cute. I like the way you handled the transparency.
    I'd kind of like to see the environments integrated a bit more. Maybe blur parts of the background to make it softer.

  2. I agree with the above comment. I would have maybe played a little bit with the background image. Maybe some sort of filter on it, or just playing with the contrast or colors.

  3. Your ghosts are very cute. I think to integrate them better in the photo, you could add a little of the orange glow of the sun hitting them and maybe a little bit of a shadow under them to give them more depth.

  4. This is adorable. You did a great job at blending and putting everything together. The transparency looks nice.

  5. This is adorable! I love the characters and the transparency! I think they could be integrated a little better - particularly the figure on the left. Maybe have some reflected ghost glow onto the snow? Right now it feels to separate. I also think adding some edits to the photo could have helped.

  6. I really like your characters. They are so cute and playful! I think the main problem is that the there aren't enough background elements! I think just adding a few more drawn elements would really make it come together.

  7. These little children are adorable. I like the way you treated them with transparency and white texture. The photo could have used a bit of the same treatment, maybe a little less blue and a little more white.

  8. I like seeing how you'er using the transparency to get the idea of the ghosts through - I like it very much on the girl that is sitting on the back of the bench - as you get a taste of what's behind her -- since it's so contrasty, it makes the etherial feeling much stronger. For the ghosts that are sitting on teh pier, or the one that is peeking behind it, it could be cool to even erase out at a low opacity - some of their bodies! I love the way they glow, that's a great effect here -- and maybe if you did make some parts of them (maybe the bottoms?) a little more transparent than the top, it could really be a nice ghostly effect! In fact, it could be great for you to play around with that using the layer mask! You could do a white-to-grey gradient in a layermask for the area you wanted to fade out, and it would be great to play with! I also think you've done a great job with the characters. They feel friendly and I still see the different areas of their bodies nicely. Hard to do with all white items!! I think the last thing that could be cool is for yo uto add a mist or a haze in parts of hte bkgrd? Maybe it could serve as a way to tie in that glow, and maybe it could set the mood in an otherwise very clear scene!