Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sam Aburime: Norfolk Myth - The Hell Hound

The Myth: http://norfolkcoast.co.uk/myths/ml_blackshuck.htm

The Blank:

hound_1_Screen shot
hound_2_Screen shot
hound_Screen shot


Aspects Used:
+Different Brushes
+Free Textures
+Layer Masks
+Different layer options/settings to help unify colors and atmosphere


  1. Great job adding the orange glow of the environment to the boy and his toy and to the wall next to him. It makes the piece look more 3D and blends the character in well.

  2. The way you lit the subject and used the color makes it blend it nicely. It is all very fitting. I would love to see something else in the background.

    NIce job!

  3. Wow, the way you lit your character and objects works so well with your piece, and the grainy texture you added really incorporates your drawing into the photo. I wish I could see your monster thing a bit more in the final, maybe just give it a teeny bit more face lighting.

  4. I think your manipulation of the lighting on this was super appropriate and nice! I feel as if there could be more elements in the background - after looking at the boy, there doesn't seem to be any other new elements and it's a little disappointing! What there is, though, is super nice!

  5. Love the minimal use of your illustration. The lighting and colors work so well together. a+

  6. I love the concept and the myth - it was an interesting read! you did a really great job making the atmosphere of the photo match with your digital painting. I think that it is particularly nice aroud where the more yellow areas of the highlights. I also think you did a nice job around the back edge of the boy's arm and leg, where the back-lighting is hitting him. It seems that there is a nice glow coming from off of the page, where he's walking to. That too, is painted well. I think you've also done a nice job handling the creepy aspect of the whole piece - the shadow of the dog is nicely done and feels really well handled in the midst of the rest of the photo. I would definitely see if you could pop out just a little bit more of the hair on his back - maybe just a hint more of some kind of light hitting the back of his tail, or his back just a little more. I like where you can see his ear peeking out of the darkness (and, of course, his eyes) and just a little more of a hit of light might give him a tiny bit more presence! I also think it would be great of you to use the same brishes that you used on the boy to brush in a couple more spots on the background, like some added "painted texture" in sections of the road, or maybe up in the foliage. I think that would bring it together really nicely! Your'e already doing a great job with the lighting, but this would take it one step further! The last thing I think could be cool - is if you DID add some more painterly texture in the left side of the scene, that could draw your eye up into the foliage a little, and make the left feel like there is some more reason to see that whole space. Otherwise, if we hadn't had to do a landscap piece, I'd say you could probably crop it to be more close - up to the action of the boy and the dog that is lurking in the shadows. that crop you did is really nice because it's much more intimate, creepy and dynamic!