Friday, November 11, 2011

Sherri Taray - Rhodopis

You can read the plot summary here:
The scene I chose to illustrate is when Rhodopis goes to a river to wash clothes. A hippo splashes her precious slippers, she puts them on a rock to dry, and a falcon (Horus) steals one of the slippers and delivers it to the pharaoh.



  1. It looks really seamless, but the hippo and the girl kind of get lost in the background. The photo itself feels a little busy.

  2. I agree. This is a wonderful integration, but I barely saw the hippo and I completely missed the girl on the first pass over. Also, while I really enjoy the drawing on the hippo and eagle, I think the rendering on the girl could use some work!

  3. I love your hippo and the blurred image of him reflecting in the water. I do agree that the image is a little busy in the upper half of you image. Maybe you could blur or desaturate the background behind the girl so that your characters stand out more.

  4. The animal illustrations are so fantastic. At a first look I thought the hippo was real! Very nice work here.

  5. The contrast in your painted highlight/shadows helps your characters sit very well in the photograph. The hippo's reflection is a nice touch, however it's a little to crisp compared to rippled reflections in the original photo.

  6. This is a new tale for me! I really enjoyed reading about this one and seeing your interpretation! One thing that is fantastic about this piece is your attention to the color palette. I like how it looks like you've considered the color in all of the animals and the girl. I love how you've used the same colors from the background in your renderings of the animals. I think that it would be cool for you to add a splash of yellow to the shoe - just to hit it with some of hte same yellow tint! I think it would still read rosey, but it would help it feel like the yellow light was hitting it like how it is in the rest of the piece! I also think it could be great for you to brush some of the bkgrd with some of the same brush strokes as you did on the animals to even push the worlds together further. Maybe it's just about blurring some of the foliage with the brush you used for the characters!
    One other thing you also did amazingly is the reflections in the water. Great job in adding that effect!