Friday, November 11, 2011

Lairen Baller: Odin

This is the story of Odin and the Well


progress_odin_02 copy

progress_odin_04 copy

here is a copy of the story I found:
I read this version after making the picture. In this version his cloak is dark blue.


  1. I think this is a really great atmosphere for your images! You could maybe either put a bit more detail into your figures or lessen the detail in the background to incorporate your figures better. Some shadows on and around the well would really help give it shape and depth.

  2. I really like that old man. Although there isn't much editing done with the photograph it still feels pretty integrated.

  3. I like how you're sticking with a really nice, similar color palette to the one in the photograph. I think you've done a great job there and I also think that it's nice ot see that yo'ure using the clearing to add the well. I could see you going even further and adding a couple more hand painted pieces to make the rest of the photo merge in a couple places. I've been suggesting to some people that you take the same brushes that you used to paint your figures, an lightly layer paint on some of the rest of the photo, so it feels like it's been "touched" in some way. I think this would do a lot for how the two pieces are integrated. I also think it could be cool to see how you could add a bit of a shadow between him and the tree that he's hiding behind. Mabye that would help him feel like he's hidden back there just a little bit more! The last thing I would say is that it could also be cool for you to play with a textured brush - or maybe make one - that is cloth-like... or burlap like, and add a tiny bit of that texture to his hat and cloak! That would be fantastic to be a different texture than his skin and the well - that are smooth! Great atmosphere and wonderful image -- I really like that the pieces yo'uve added seem to fit well within the space!