Friday, March 18, 2011

Emiller Werewolf

Final Version. I think it came out alright. I wish I didn't do the drawing all in the computer. >:(
Here's the version without the filters
Workin' away

Werewolves have a bad rap in the states. In Scotland the Werewolf is a shy and friendly creature that will help people if they are lost in the woods. A Werewolf's favorite hobby is fishing by the lakes and leaving the fish on the poor's window sill.


  1. Wow I didn't even notice that you drew the rocks at first! Very nice. Mr. Wolf gets a little lost against he background, though. Perhaps lighten him up...

    And I think the vignetting around the edges could be softened/made to look a little more natural.


  2. I really like that you used a natural texture for the rocks that he's sitting on. It would be cool to see if you did a little burning / dodging to them to make them look a little more round in parts. It looks like you're headed there already - maybe a littler more! I also like that you're using natural colors and the way that you're putting things together fits with the really serene scene. I could see you adding an element or two inthe bkgrd to help pull your eye to other drawn parts! Maybe there could be small guys in the distance? I like the addition of the fish - maybe you could make him show up a little more?

    Also - would you consider drawing a fish or two beneath the water so we can see them in the foreground? that could be really cool, too!

  3. This is so great, I love that I didn't even realize that you illustrated the rocks at first! Your color choices are great, it all works really well together. The only thing that's a little off to me is that the tail looks like an arm to me, but that could just be me. Nice work!!!

  4. I like the textures on the rocks that you used. It makes them fit in with the photo really well. I also like that you put the fish in the background and had the wolf fishing to give a narrative to the piece. It makes the image a lot more interesting. One thing I think you could do to improve this piece would be to have a few more drawn elements throughout the image, so that the photo and drawing merge a little more. One other thing I like about this image a lot is the variation in line weight, too. It adds to the whole narrative feel of the piece.

  5. Well done on the rocks, I cannot draw rocks for the life of me! I love the foggy layer you added, totally gives it a morning eeriness. My only suggestion would be to make the fishing pole pop out, I think it might be too close in value to the water, or maybe too thin...not to sure but it gets a little lost for me . I'd also be interested in seeing a paper texture or a vignette on the entire image to further push the eeriness.

  6. I like the sense of loneliness that you get from this guy because of the huge space he is hanging out it. The colors work well together, too. I think you could do a lot with adding in some more fog above the lake to pump up the atmosphere by drawing some clouds with the lasso tool. The texture on the rocks he's sitting on is really nice, though I like them more when they're not as opaque as they are in the final version.

  7. I really like this piece . It's really sutble. It has very Lonely feeeling to it. Awesome job

  8. this is a cool image and story to back it up. I like the textures on the rocks. I would like to see more variety in line weight to not make everything so unified/flat. or maybe just darken the lines in the rocks a little more it kinda blends to much to water. I almost like the image w/o the filters but that is just me idk overall fun image!!!

  9. I really like this. I like how you created a texture into the rocks the wolf is sitting on and brush work of the wolf's fur. The only thing I would suggest would be to brighten the photo or maybe lighten the feathered shadowed edges. Other than that great job!