Friday, March 18, 2011

trolls doing laundry

initial sketch

detailed sketch.

added color.

added tones and texture
Took out the sky, and voila.


  1. Cutest trolls I ever done saw'd.

    I really like that you took out the sky, but it still looks like a super...natural sky.

    I also like that you added the clothesline and the laundry! Everything flows super well.

    Maybe the ripples in the water could use some adjusting, but I have no idea how you would do it to make it look right...

    It's awesome. :D

  2. This is really great the color choices work reallly well from the drawing to the photo I really feel like its a seemless illustration. The drawing is pretty simple but i think it works really well for the characters, the only thing i could thing to add is a bit of pink in his skin tone for high lighted areas but its really well done

  3. lollllll trolls. Your colors go together real nice. gj outlining some stuff in the photo, it helps a lot. I would make the troll's reflection in the water a little stronger.

  4. The use of colors are really nice because they all work together (maybe you used the eyedropper tool to get them?). The slight reflection of the troll in the water is a nice touch that makes it more believable, but I think it would help if there were a few highlights in the ripples.

  5. This is awesome! these trolls make me laugh, they are so grossly lovable. Where can I find some to do my laundry?...for reals.
    I love how you took the sky out, totally makes this feel like its placed in the english country or something. Your colors are working well. The only thing I can think of trying is the troll in the water, maybe see what his skin looks like a little less saturated, like the guy at the clothes line?

  6. This is a really strong piece. I like the textures you've used and the muddyness of your color palette. It gives a good narrative and sets a tone for the piece. I also really like the line work in your illustrations.
    My only criticism is how you've handled the water. Maybe it shouldn't have a texture, and the ripples could be a little more solid.
    Otherwise, super sweet.
    Nice choice rubbing out the clouds as well.

  7. I swear the bear is their slave driver. "You guys are wrinkling my bear pants! No honey for dinner tonight! *rawr rawr rawr*"
    Anyways... I agree with alyssa it looks a lot better without the sky. The trolls do seem a little dark though. If you lightened them slightly without making the colors too extreme that might work nicely.
    Other than that this is so adorable. :)

  8. Lol this is awesome! you really created a scene with the trolls which i thnk is the best part!! i like the textures, reflection, and the overall tone of the piece, feels kinda "dreary" which is very troll like :) great job!!

  9. these are super funny! I love the narrative in your piece! I like how you are using textures in the characters that mimic some of the background / realistic elements. I think that the addition of the cloth was really good! Your color choices are really nice, too - not too saturated, to match with the mood of your image. it could be cool for you to play with line weight in the bear in the bkgrd a little to see if he can get a little lighter feeling? He seems really chunky compared to some of the trolls in the bkgrd. I do like how you're adding other elements in to the photo in different spots, too - like the reflection and the chimney. Great job!

  10. I think that the textured style that you used for this assignment was a really great idea. It makes the drawings fit in well with the photo. I also like how you had the trolls interacting with the environment, especially the one with his arms in the water. It's really well done. One thing I think you could improve about this piece would be to try to add some variation to the line weight. I think it would make the trolls fit in with the photo even more. Overall, though, I think this is a really great piece with a very good tone.

  11. I really like how you pulled your colors for the drawn elements from the photo, and how you integrated so many great little drawn details. Also your use of textures on both the trolls and the water work well, making the drawn elements seem more real while also making the photographed elements seem less real.